Android Q Beta 5: Google To Improve Navigation Of Android

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Android 10 Q is going to be released summer of 2019, and the tech giant Google has continued to experiment with and also improved its gesture-based navigation. This approach reminds us of Apple’s iPhone X, and it feels quite the same. Google here has rethought of Android’s traditional back button, and instead of an on-screen button, Android Q has introduced the all-new swiping motion where you move from either side of the screen for the back feature.

This wasn’t an easy change to deal with as it clashed with the slide-out menus of the smartphone apps. You can easily tap a hamburger menu icon for access. Nonetheless, those icons are often in tough places to reach, mostly at the top left corner of the screen and at the time when our phones are getting bigger, they seem a hassle.

But then again, you will always find yourself sliding your finger to open the drawer menu. When you do that, though, it fails to load side menus. The only way out is to slide your finger diagonally, which many of us do as a workaround. And this is where the Android Q Beta 5 comes in handy.

With the upcoming Android Q beta 5, Google has stated that for you to reach slide-out menus, you can use gestural navigation mode. This will fully be able to help you with navigation; it is available at the edge of the screen. Once this menu appears, you can use it to slide it out all the way. This seems like a plausible solution; by doing so, Google will allow you the quick swipe from either side of the display. You can easily continue to trigger a “back” action by the end.

9to5Google reports state that another fix is coming, in the next beta of Android Q, you have the option that is the “Back Sensitivity.” You can set it on a sliding scale, as it leads to a “marked improvement to navigation,” according to the report. With Android Q, you have the option of returning to Android’s older three-button navigation experience, thereby getting done with the newer method.

You can do so in the public beta releases. These gestures don’t mean speed but more information on-screen. With the larger buttons are gone, there’s the long, thin line that indicates where to swipe up to go home or multitask.

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