‘Steven Universe Future’ Release Date, New Opening, Cast And More Updates

Steven Universe Future Release Date

Fans of Steven Universe will be more than happy to know that the series is returning for one last time, potentially later this year. After the fifth season of the show, we got a Steven Universe movie which most fans thought could be the end. However, that didn’t quite turn out to be the case, as Steven Universe is returning soon with its sixth season called Steven Universe Future. It’ll be coming to Cartoon Network very soon.

Steven Universe Future Release Date

Steven Universe Future – All We Know

The announcement for this came during New York Comic Con 2019, where the new opening of the show also debuted. Here’s the synopsis for Steven Universe Future, according to Cartoon Network, “After saving the universe, Steven is still at it, tying up every loose end. But as he runs out of other people’s problems to solve, he’ll finally have to face his own.”

As mentioned above, the release date for Steven Universe Future is up in the air right now. All we got was a “coming soon”, so we’ll have to wait and see when it’ll come out. We’re sure that the release will be announced months before it actually airs.

Here’s the opening for Steven Universe Future, for those of you who are interested:

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