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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 Preview, and Spoilers

Fire Force Season 2

At the testing area, they have discovered something unusual is happening to Nataku Son. All people must head to the special room meanwhile, Viktor is observing an Adolla Bust from Nataku Son. Viktor notices that the six pillar’s Adolla Busr has been awakened and he started wondering if Shinra’s Adolla Burst has ended up being the trigger. Viktor ha a voice recorder hidden in his jacket he informs Obi about the situation they are in.

Obi started the car and heads to where Viktor is while Vulcan is driving recklessly so that they can reach in time. Obi told him that Shinra and Licht are in trouble. Vulcano yells that if anything happens to Shinra and Litch Haijima will pay meanwhile, at the lab they discovered that the matchbox has broken. Since things have gotten worse Viktor remembered Shinra’s words that he won’t let anyone die even if Vitor is Haijima Spy. Shinra also said Viktor is someone they need on the 8th he has saved many lives.

This week we will be looking at Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 preview, and recap. You can access this Anime on its official website at or at Crunchyroll. Let’s start by looking at how this Anime releases its episode below.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 will be released on Saturday, 17 October 2020, at 1:55 AM JST. Note that every Thursday new episode of Fire Force Season 2 will be released. Make sure you proceed with cation you can watch out for the spoilers of the upcoming episode. Take a look at the following details.

Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force Season 2

Previously on Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15

Back to the present Viktor is happy that the 8th is ready to do anything for their friends. Vitor opens the testing area gate and told Shinra through a communicator that there is no need to play with the experiment anymore. Shinra must quickly get out while Victori started fighting with the guys inside the control room. Shinra reaches where Viktor is and Viktor told him about Nataku’s son who his Adolla Burst has awakened.

Shinra now knows that Haijimi’s group was hiding something and that’s why he was able to hear the cry for help through his Adolla Link. Meanwhile, Obi’s group fight with a girl using a robot. They manage to defeat the girl and Shinra shows up with Viktor. Kuron also appears with the powers of his black smoke he is holding Nataku’s son.  Obi told Kuron that he is doing child abuse and he must let go of the boy. They both started clashing and Inca shows up with the White Clad on top of the roof.

The White Clad decides that they have to take Nataku’s son since the sixth pillar belongs to them. Charon attacks Kurono who jumps away and tries to fight back. Charon unleashes Clap that sends Kurona flying and got separated from Nataku’s son. The White Clad took Nataku’s son and Shinra notice that Inca is also there too. They both start to fight each other fighting for the sic pillar.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 16 Preview

For this week that’s what we managed to get all of the above updates with the preview of the upcoming episode. Next Saturday when Fire Force Season 2 hits with a new episode we will be bringing new updates of the upcoming episode.