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The Batman 2021 Adds New Cast and Villains

batman 2021

The protector of Gotham city, also known as the black knight, is Batman. With time batman has faced many villains, from Riddler to penguin and Falcone. The new movie of Batman will be starred by John Turturro, popular for his roles in “Transformers” and “Car” movies.

The notorious Falcone

Falcone has been a prominent villain who challenged batman in his early years. He played a major role in “Batman: The Long Halloween” in which a serial killer named Holiday killed Bruce’s parents. Falcone has continued to trouble Batman even outside the comics and also in animated movies like “Batman: Year One”. After his influential role, it makes sense why he should be included in the upcoming movie.

How would be “Batman vs. Falcone? “

The plot of the upcoming movie has not been revealed yet, which makes it tough to predict the exact role of Falcone and how he will mess with Batman. However, it is being said that Falcone might soon find his organization dismantled if “The Long Halloween” is translated for the big screen.

Batman’s other troubles

Penguin and Riddler are going to mess with Batman in the movie “The batman” without a doubt where Paul Dano will play Riddler and Colin Farrell as Penguin. One more interesting addition is Catwoman, played by Jefferey Wright.

Rumors have also been heard that Harvey Dent and Mad hatter might even show up.
The director also helped in writing the script along with Mattson Tomlin and some other contributors.

With so many villains on the verge to rise against Batman, it is hard to wait for the movie until it gets released and watches how Batman takes down each of these nasty villains. What increases the excitement is Batman is going to get help from Catwoman, so what kind of psychology will exist between the two will be an interesting feature of the movie.