The Legendary Hero Is Dead! TV Anime: Cast Update and New Visual

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The anime adaptation of the manga series The Legendary Hero Is Dead! was announced on April 28, 2022. The anime is set to release in April 2023. It is directed by Rio Kujo and produced by Liden films. The manga is written initially by Subaruichi and is available to read on the MangaOne app. It has a total of 20 volumes which were published from December 2014 to December 2020. 

In The Legendary Hero Is Dead! as the name suggests, an ordinary farmer accidentally kills the hero who was supposed to save the world from demons. Touka, the farmer, accidentally kills Sion, the legendary hero who wishes to protect the world from deadly demons and get the girl. 

The Legendary Hero Is Dead! Announces Its Newest Addition!

The upcoming anime based on the manga by the same name has revealed new key visuals and three new characters. The latest addition to the anime are Anri Hazewards, Yuna Yunis, and Marguerite Farom, voiced by Ayana Taketatsu,  Hibiki Yamamura, and Yurika Kubo, respectively. 

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The Plot 

The Demon Lord visited our world several times through the Hell’s Gate situated near the north pole. Shion Bladearts and his allies got rid of the demons by closing the gate, but the seal they used was not strong enough to hold it closed for a long time, and hence the demons returned and continued attacking humans. 

Touka Scott is a slightly perverted farmer who lives in the village of Cheza. He wishes to be known as a hero and get the girl. He wants to protect his community and hence sets traps to capture and kill them. The real hero Shion comes forward to save the world from the deadly demons. Unfortunately, Shion dies by getting caught in one of Touka’s traps.

Anri couldn’t bring Shion back to life but can make enter Touka’s soul in Shion’s dead body to close the seal at Hell’s Gate. Yuna Yunis, Touka’s childhood friend, comes along with them. The trio sets their journey to the north without prior preparation or weapons.

The anime stars Wataru Kato and Shunichi Toki as the protagonist Touka Scott where Shunichi Toki voice Sion, the real hero who unfortunately died because of Touka, and Wataru Kato voice Touka, the next hero. 

Who Are The Newest Addition?

Touka Scott is childhood friends with Yuna Yunis. She is Touka’s companion who travels with him to seal the hell gate. Touka has a perverted personality and has feelings for Yuna, but Yuna never specifies her feelings for Touka. Their relationship is quite fun as they frequently tease each other. He would often put knee socks on Yuna because of his fetish for thighs which caused him to get beaten up by her. 

Anri Haynesworth is a necromancer and a former ally of Shion. She makes the soul of Touka enter Shion’s dead body and accompanies him to the hell gate. Anri’s hearth is a mana crystal as she is a necromancer. She is energetic and sensitive to his friends. 

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Margaret Farom is Shion’s fiancee and the third crown princess of the Kingdom of Farom. She has a huge appetite and can gain weight as much as she wants. Margaret is one of Touka Scott’s allies who falls in love with him. Despite knowing the fact that Touka is not the actual hero, her feelings towards him don’t change. Touka hasn’t accepted her proposal yet. However, he has complimented her thighs. 

The Legendary Hero Is Dead! TV anime will be broadcasted in Japan in early April of 2023. The international release dates are yet to be announced.

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