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Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Star Cast, Where to Stream?

Stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias graced our OTT screens with his titular show in 2019. Dubbed as “Mr. Iglesias,” the streaming giant Netflix backed the show as one of its original series. Fluffy’s fans worldwide welcomed the show with warm hands and excitement in their eyes, and the show lived up. The show was met with positive reception although it lacked a few things in the beginning. Still, the show garnered a 7.1/10 rating on IMDb and an 88% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. After two successful seasons, the fans longed for a Mr. Iglesias season 3 for so long that they have done waiting.

Here we are with the details about what to expect from Mr. Iglesias 3rd Season.

Is Mr. Iglesias Season 3 happening, and where to stream it?

Well, after such a warm reception and love from the fans, Netflix was bound to renew the show sooner or later.

To people who don’t know, the show has already been released on Netflix on December 8, 2020, comprising of 5 episodes and has been receiving all the love it can from the fans.

Although Netflix wasn’t going big around promoting the show, Gabriel Iglesias himself didn’t seem to need promotion and debuted its third season on the OTT giant. While it is quite hard to find a good sitcom that gives you vibes as Big Bang Theory or Friends, Mr. Iglesias is a show that fulfills that place.

What can we expect from Mr. Iglesias 3rd Season?

Mr iglesias season 3 on netflix

Don’t worry, we are keeping spoilers aside, although while watching a lighthearted show like Mr. Iglesias, there is nothing to worry about spoilers.

Here we go.

Like the first two parts, Mr. Iglesias is back with his History class at Woodrow Wilson High School.

The show picks up at the end of season 2, especially the second half of it, and sees the students returning from summer school and this time discussing how devices are distancing the human touch. Whitney, the popular girl, a stereotypical character, part of every teen show, is a new addition. Mr. Iglesias also delves into Gabriel looking forward to dating, as seen in season 2 with the connection Gabe had with Jackie and what it could lead up to.

Apart from that, Gabe continues on his venture to help gifted students who cannot fit in and help them in day-to-day school activities. On the other hand, Carlos is still on his mission from season 1 to kick Gabe’s students out of the school.

How is Season 3 holding up?

Mr. Iglesias Season 3

Although comprising of only 5 episodes, the third season has held up good enough, and fans have appreciated the well-maintained comic elements and how the show is dealing with several topics in a comical but educational way.

Mr. Iglesias Season 3 is comprised of its regular back-end humor without experimenting with the tone and has given a boost to the second half of season 2, which left the viewers empty. Season 3 has become more like a wood that completes the bridge of the last half of the second season.

Although the jokes are stereotypical comic elements challenging the social issues as it is always engraved in a sitcom, the characters and the performance from actors make the show worth watching, and thus the viewer is left tuned.

Gabriel and co-worker Jackie’s romance angle, as we mentioned above, has been holding up pretty good and lets the show go beyond its regular plotlines. The chemistry between them is heavily appreciated and loved, so if this arc amuses you, then the third season is a must-watch.

Apart from that, students are the same, and the well-balanced humor of the show is what makes it a success. All three seasons of Mr. Iglesias are now streaming on Netflix.