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Sticks and Stones: New Trailer To Be Challenging For Viewers, Said By Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster showrunner Mike Bartlett has come up with his new thriller series and is sure about the fact that the series will make the viewers question their own morality.

About the show

The show is a psychological dream with the main characters being played by Ken Nwosu, Susannah Fielding, and Ben Miller. The series revolves around the toxic nature of office culture, along with a lot of bullying involved. Bartlett revealed that he faced a contradiction that when someone does something at work, it might be cruel but is still framed as a funny joke. It forces the audience to distinguish right from wrong.

The show also focuses on the various sides of a human being, specialty the one in time of extreme situations, which pushes us away from the concept of what is right or wrong. In simple words, the harsh and cruel side of human, which comes out when one experiences a tremendous amount of pressure, is highlighted and is also compared to an animal. When we see it in other people, we also know that we have the capability of reaching that state, however, we try to avoid it.

He mentions that we all have a sense of morality, but we ignore to see it when it comes to the effects of bullying. We might see a person crying and being sad, but we choose to see their public side, and we choose to stay professional and call it banter. The show looks forward to raising discussions about what is acceptable in the workplace and what is not.

Being adults, we think we can handle it, and more than once, we try to ignore it to avoid creating a scene, but we do get hints when the line is crossed. Then it gets to a point where is it simply not tolerable at all, ignoring it wouldn’t solve the situation.