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When Will Overwatch Season 20 Start?

Overwatch Season 20
Overwatch (Credits: Blizzard)

Overwatch is one of the best hero shooters out there, if not the best. Overwatch is also one of the most popular games that’s community grows larger and larger each day. The 19th competitive season is now in full swing, having been live for nearly a month. Not only that, this is the first season, which will be played on the new competitive season schedule, which means that its end date is not one that is as predictable as it has been in season’s past.

Overwatch Season 20 Start Date

Season 19 was a pretty good season that introduced a map pool that removed the controversial maps like Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony from rotation. As for the end date of Season 19, it will conclude at 1 PM EST/11 AM PST on 2 January. Better get in those last-minute matches while you can to earn competitive points for golden weapons.


Overwatch (Credits: Blizzard)

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been announced on what will be coming with the 20 seasons, but hopefully, favorites such as King’s Row, Lijang Tower, and Dorado remain for another go. But this much has been revealed that Overwatch Season 20’s map pool will be released when the season begins.