Diablero Season 2: update, Storyline, Cast, and Renewal Details

Diablero is the first Mexican horror and supernatural drama on Netflix. It is based on Mexican writing, which literally translates into “The Devil made me do it.” The show is steeped in religious iconography depicting Good vs. Evil battle and follows the story of Heghenbeck’s novel bearing the same title. The first season of Diablero was released on 21st October 2018. It received a decent 6.7 ratings on IMDb in Season 1 on its right. The second season was released on February 1, 2019.

What is Diablero Storyline?

The Netflix Horror Drama series, Diablero, is very similar to the long-running CW show, Supernatural. The series features three protagonists- Father Ventura (fallen priest), H.G. Rojas (legendary demon Hunter), and Giselle Kuri (superhero) driving across Mexico in an attempt to protect ordinary people from the raging war between angels and demons. The series strongly resembles another horror show Supernatural, with many cast actors similar to both the series, but the holistic setting of Mexico lets it stand out from its simile.

The series excites the audience with the monster hunting action and pseudo biblical wars between Angels and Demons. The latest addition to the series elucidates the protagonist trio adventures trying to save humanity from demonic possession with the lukewarm touch of on-screen chemistry.

The third season is expected to continue with the established rhetoric of the series, adding more lukewarm flavors on the way for the delight of the audience.

Who is in Diablero Season 2 Cast?

Our trio protagonists – Father Ramiro Ventura, Horacio Gracia Rojas, and Giselle Kuri, were played by Christopher Von Veckermann,  Heliodoro ‘Elius’ Infante, Nancy Gama respectively. Other lead actors include Fatima Molina (Enriqueta “Keta” Infante), Dolores Heredia (Mamá Chabela), Humberto Busto (Isaac ‘El Indio’), Mariana Botas (Thalia) among others The lead cast crew of Season 1, through their Social Media Accounts, have announced the renewal of Season 2 and thereby, are secured of their place in the Diablero’s renewal.

When is Diablero Season 2 update?

The first season of Diablero, which premiered on 21st October 2018, comprised a total of eight episodes, all being released on the same day. The web streaming platform has no dearth of Latin American content, and therefore, only high global liking can guarantee a renewal of any series.

Diablero has earned notable success in Season 1, in spite of being an improvised version of Supernatural. The Good vs. Evil combat and the heroics of the protagonists have amazed the audience and critics alike. Moreover, Netflix did gain adequate revenue from the Mexican drama.

Consequently, in February 2019, they declared the renewal of Diablero with a video featuring the lead cast of the new series as “The world is still full of demons.” The brand new season is expected to hit the screens from January 31, 2020. It will comprise eight episodes, just like Season 1.