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Billions Season 5: Show’s Future After The Fourth Season

Billions Season 5

In this post, we are going to talk about Billions season 5 where to watch, and spoilers. The show is supposed to return for its fourth season in this year, but the fans cannot get enough of it. The fourth season is not even released yet, but the fans are interested to know about the fifth season. Hence, we are here to provide all the available information about the fifth season!

But before talking about it, let me tell you theof the fourth season. The fourth season has been confirmed, and it is supposed to release on 17 March 2019 in the US. Nevertheless, UKis not yet announced, but we will be providing information once it gets confirmed. Moreover, we are not concerned about the fourth season, as this is all about the fifth season.

Thus, I will have to clear that the show has not been renewed for the fifth season as of now. However, the third season had the highest rating record for the show which led to renewal. Similarly, if the fourth season gets a good amount of response from fans, we might see the show returning with the fifth season too!

Also, all the four seasons have released in the first quarter of 2019. Therefore, we can expect the fifth season in the same period too! So, a March or Aprilin 2020 would not be surprising if the show is confirmed to the fifth season. Nonetheless, who could be starring in the fifth season? Well, it is hard to determine it as we are still one season away before we could even predict it, as character-death could result in a major overhaul.

Still, we can say that Kelly AuCoin will be returning as “Dollar” Bill Stern, and Giamatti and Lewis would be returning as Chuck and Bobby’s iconic roles. It would be hard to anticipate anything further for now!