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Kevin Hart’s Netflix Special:And Trailer

In the previous year, Kevin Hart toured the world and amused us all with his special stand-up comedy titled as Kevin Hart: Irresponsible. And I know that there were tons of fans who missed it, but we’re here with the best news ever. Kevin Hart’s Irresponsible will be available online for digital streaming on Netflix. Hence those of you who are worried and sad about missing it, need not worry anymore. So whatever Kevin has done over two years like, laughing at his own pain has made him famous and won him a credulous fan base. If you are one of those fans who seemed to have missed getting into an arena to see Kevin perform, here’s your chance.

Kevin Hart’s Netflix Special marks his debut on Netflix. Irresponsible, has been shot in London at the O2 Arena. The alone that attended Irresponsible was somewhere above 15,000. First things first, check out the trailer for Kevin Hart comedy below:

Irresponsible hits Netflix on April 2_ 2019. As you saw, in the trailer above, Kevin addressed the infidelity in his second marriage and his parenting style. The sold-out crowd at the O2 Arena in London is amused at his comedy!

Irresponsible is Kevin Hart’s first comedy special on Netflix since the Oscar debacle. The actor/producer after doing gone TV and films such as Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Night School, and Central Intelligence, etc. made a call to return to his roots i.e. Comedy, from where he began.