Top 10 Best Friendships In TV Series That Have Remained Memorable

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top 10 bestfriends in TV series
some of the best ten friendships from tv series

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends who become family” is a familiar phrase that reminds us of the type of bond we share with our friends. It is just like having a second family for all of us. We laugh together, enjoy and cry together and moreover we even fight sometimes. But we fight with the people we care about the most. Isn’t it? Friendships are treasures that are meant to be taken care of while you are enjoying them. Television has been a medium of portraying those friendships in the form of provocating stories from time to time. And these stories have slowly become a part of our lives. We know everything about those characters so much as if we are living them.

But among those characters played, we sometimes remember a few special ones we felt close to at one point in our lives. And therefore, we are listing here the top ten best friendships from some of the most popular TV series ever, which are remembered for their enchanting impacts on our minds, and the bubbly memories they have given to be cherished forever. So let’s begin!

Sheldon and Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

This ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (between 2007-2019) duo was a friendship that no one saw coming. Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was a bit quirky and irritating boy, as he was usually assumed to be, but Penny (Kaley Cuoco), was more understanding of him. She considered him like her own brother. Although they frequently teased each other about each other’s way of handling a problem, they were also the ones who bonded well. Sheldon’s beyond the limit analytics was always balanced with the good behavior of girl Penny. 

top 10 best friendships in tv series: penny and sheldon
Penny and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory

Max Black and Caroline Channing (2 Broke Girls)

Caroline (Beth Behrs) is a daughter of a billionaire, whereas Max (Kat Dennings) is from a poor family. They initially reached together to work in a local Williamsburg Diner, to raise some funds for their own cupcake business. This friendship belongs to an American sitcom aired between 2011-and 2017 known as 2 Broke Girls. They both face ups and downs together as friends and struggle to earn their living despite their difference in financial status. Later they both become co-godmothers to a girl named Barbara Kaczyński-Golishevesky. 

top 10 best friendships in tv series: Max and caroline
Max and Caroline from 2 Broke Girls

Batman and Robin (Batman)

It was a TV series from the 1960s that starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. This series was based on the two crimefighters in Gotham city. It is said that Bruce Wayne aka Batman liked working all alone however, the first time Batman was working with someone was an adopted young companion named Dick Grayson, renamed Robin. They soon connected more than just being a companion and became best friends. Robin became Batman’s helping hand in combating criminals, whereas Batman acted like his mentor, teaching him all the skills for fighting crime.

top 10 best friendships in tv series: batman and robin
Batman and Robin from the Batman series

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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (Sherlock)

A best friend duo from Sherlock Holmes, a British mystery crime detective TV series launched in 2010, includes Sherlock the detective (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman), his companion. They together solve some challenging cases of their times. Although they were just partners initially, they developed a deep bond over time. Where Sherlock was pure practical in his approach with the least connectivity with people, he was helped by social Watson. They enjoyed their detective adventures together despite having contrasting personalities and attitudes.

top 10 bestfriends: sherlock and watson
From left we have John Watson and Sherlock Holmes from the Sherlock series

Tara and Karan (Made In Heaven)

Tara (Shobhita Dhulipala) and Karan (Arjun Mathur) are the friendship duo from Made in Heaven, an Indian TV series from 2019 on Amazon Prime. This is included in the list because it’s one of a kind. They run a wedding Planning agency together in Delhi. Tara is married to a wealthy business tycoon from Delhi. But she wants to stand on her own feet where she’s helped by her close friend Karan who is homosexual. They face some personal life struggles simultaneously with the workload of the agency. They make each other laugh and even give shoulders to cry upon. Tara even stands for Karan when he’s arrested under article 377 back. Karan says, “I am Filthy” to which she replies, “I don’t care” This strong is their bond.

top 10 friendships: karan and tara
Karan and Tara from the ‘Made in heaven’ series

Alex Russo and Harper Finkle (Wizards of Waverly place)

What happens when a quirk meets the intelligence? They become best friends like Harper (Jennifer Stone) and Alex (Selena Gomez). We often believe opposites attract. And this usually happens in friendships. This best friend duo is from Wizards Of Waverly Place, an American teen sitcom based on fantasy where Alex Russo belongs to a wizard’s family and Harper does not. Alex is the intelligent notorious girl who uses all her intelligence in doing everything a backbencher would do. Contrarily, Harper is an innocent and emotional girl who has nothing to do with the kind of intelligence her best friend has. And hence both Alex and Harper are balancing friends who love each other, protect, and keep all their secrets super-private. In one of the episodes, Alex says Harper is like a sister to him.

10 bestfriends from tv: alex and harper
Harper and Alex (Right) from Wizards Of Waverly Place

Hannah Montana and Lily Truscott (Hannah Montana)

Miley and Lily are two best friends in the American sitcom Hannah Montana which aired between 2006 to 2011. Miley is none other than a secret and most popular teen pop singer, Hannah Montana, whom Lily idealizes. Lily is the first person from Miley’s school with whom she shares her precious secret. Even after knowing this, Lily understands her and offers to help protect her secret and becomes her assistant Lola. In return, Miley knows Lily’s love for singing and helps her improve her vocal skills. They both are like sisters who never hurt each other and protect each other forever. How strong their bond can be felt when Lily declines her Stanford admission just to study with Miley. But Miley surprises her back at Stanford after refusing her first-ever movie contract in Paris. Isn’t that heartwarming?

top bestfriends from tv: Lily and miley
Miley and Lily are the best friends from Disney’s Hannah Montana

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John Dorian and Christopher Turk (Scrubs)

A famous American medical sitcom ‘ Scrubs ‘ featured a bromance story of John Dorian (Zach Braff) and Christopher Turk (Donald Faison) in the early 2000s. It all starts when John, a physician, meets his college roommate Christopher, a surgeon at the Sacred heart medical school. Their friendship grows firm with time. They both are different from each other. John, a dreamy man, is handled by his sincere and loyal surgeon friend, Christopher. They both reach higher positions in their careers, combating all the ups and downs of their lives together, and finally become teachers at Winston college. They even have a guy song to celebrate their friendship with words like, “We’re closer than the common man and wife”.

top 10 friends :John and Christopher
Christopher and John from Scrubs

Ratchel Green and Monica Geller (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

This duo is from the American sitcom ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s.’ aired between September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, having a total of 10 seasons. Its recent reunion was a reboot documentary released in 2021, where all the six ‘friends relived their old memories from sets. Although it had six friends, we will talk here about Ratchel, and Monica as Phoebe is a free-spirited character that bonds with almost everyone.

Ratchel and Monica were high school best friends turned roommates in the new apartment. They were complementary to each other as they first fight but then become supporters of each other and help uplift their careers as well as their personal lives. Goofy Ratchel balances the perfectionist Monica. Poles apart but still make an incredible pair!

top 10 bestfriends: ratchel and monica
Ratchel and Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the series

Joey Tribbiani and Chandeler Bing (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Roommates turned best friends, Joey (Matt Le Blanc) and Chandler (Mathew Perry), are the most remembered friends from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. the series. Joey, an innocent food lover who doesn’t like to“share his food”, is a struggling actor who meets Chandler while searching for an apartment. On the other hand, Chandler is a statistical analyst and a man full of sarcastic comments in his head for every situation. He was fed up with his cringe roommates until he met Joey. They soon bond over their child-like urge to live life carefreely. They have a foosball table and two comfy sofas only to enjoy Baywatch together and eat pizzas.

top 10 friends: joey and chandler
Joey and Chandler are the best buddies in the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Joey and Chandler are more like couples who get jealous when they are with others. They own some ‘cool guy handshakes’ and manly hugs. Joey buys stuff for Chandler as a friendship bracelet, and chandler is his financial supporter and nurturer. Their relationship faces ups and downs like Chandler hooking up with Joey’s sister and cheating on him with his girlfriend Kathy, their roe over Ross, or chandler marrying Monica. But their friendship remains unbreakable. Their bond becomes even strong when Chandler buys a new house with Monica in the final season having a room, especially for Joey.

And here was the list of the Top 10 Best Friendships In TV Series. Hope you find it relatable too!

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