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365: Repeat the Year Episode 23 & 24: Preview, update & Streaming Details

365: Repeat the Year will reach its conclusion as it airs its last two episodes this week. The K-drama has entertained viewers with its twists and turns along with its interesting story. In the finale episodes, we will see what happens when Lee Joon Hyuk has caught serial killer Lee Seong Wook.

In this article, we will take a look at what’s to come in the upcoming episodes and provide information about the streaming details of 365: Repeat the Year episodes 23 & 24.

365: Repeat the Year Recap & Preview

Even in the midst of difficulties, we captured the appearances of Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun, who are showing their trust in each other. We expect to see the final chapter of what the two will plan to do in the face of the shocking truth that their trusted colleague, Seong Wook Lee, was a serial killer, and will fight back to uncover the law of reset that has not yet revealed its reality.

The truth behind the reset gradually seems to be appearing. At the center was a serial killer who brutally murdered people for no reason or resentment, and it was shocking that Park Seong Ho (Lee Seong Wook), a detective of the Ganggang Police Station, ended up being the killer. Hyung Ju (Lee Jun Hyuk) was panicked with the fact that the person that he believed and relied on as his brother was a killer, but the fact that others were murdered by reviving the persons that died through resetting, added to his anger and betrayal, as well as guilt.

A sense of tension flows from Lee Jun Hyuk, who seems to be at risk of falling quickly,  between complex feelings of anger, betrayal, and guilt. In the figure of Nam Ji Hyun, who has been sincerely comforting Lee Joon Hyuk, who has come to this place so that he does not collapse, he can feel the ‘Jin’. It may be a shocking truth that is difficult for her to deal with, but the character’s strong charm can be seen from Nam Ji Hyun, who doesn’t give up easily, following Lee Jun Hyuk, who struggles more than her. Above all, this will amplify the question of what kind of counterattack the two people will take forward.

Stills from 365: Repeat the Year.

365: Repeat the Year Episodes 23 & 24 update & Streaming Details

365: Repeat the Year episodes 23 & 24 will air on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, at 21:00 KST (Korea Standard Time) on the local cable channel MBC. The show will conclude with the broadcast of these episodes.

You can watch the episodes with English subtitles on Rakuten Viki, Kocowa, or Viu.