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The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 23: ‘Timeline’ Season Finale update, Preview, and Streaming Details

In this post, we are going to talk about The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 23 update, preview, spoilers, and streaming details. As we know that the show has been airing new episodes for two consecutive days, and today is the third day of those episodes where we will see the season finale of the seventh season. Hence, it is going to be even more interesting. So, let’s get started with all the available details!

The Curse or Oak Island Season 7 Episode 23 update

The show is now 22 episodes deep into the seventh season, and the 23rd episode is due this week. The Curse of Oak Island season 7 episode 23 is scheduled to air on 28 April 2020, and the episode is titled ‘Timeline.’ The show has an average runtime of 60 minutes per episode, and it falls under adventure and reality genres.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 23 Preview

The 23rd episode is the season finale, and there is not much known on what will happen, and nor there is a specific episode preview available. However, a clip was released on the History YouTube channel, and you can check it out below!

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 23 Streaming Details

The show is aired on the History channel in the US at 9 PM ET, and new episodes are aired on Tuesdays, although the show has released continuous episodes for a couple of days. Moreover, the show can also be streamed on History app, where you will need your cable TV subscription to log in. Additionally, there are several other options to watch the show such as Hulu, Roku, Sling, and DirecTV Now to stream the show.

The Curse or Oak Island Season 7 Episode 23 Spoilers

As it’s a season finale, we will surely see some more findings, and maybe we will be left on some cliffhanger to another season. The synopsis too says that although the team is almost done with the drilling session for the year, they will be making another discovery before leaving the island. So, it would be interesting to see what is it!

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