Love is all Episode 23 & 24 Streaming Details

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Love is all

With only a few episodes left for its first season, Love is all will bring us the last two episodes for this week soon with Love is all Episode 23& 24. The story of Tan Ling and Tang Tian will continue once more and we will get to see how things will be wrapping up when the next episodes air soon. Love is All is running for its first season that will have a total on 26 episodes. And the next release will leave us with just two more episodes left for this first season.

In this post, we are going to talk about Love is All episode 23 & 24 streaming details. The drama follows the life of Tan Ling Yin and Tang Tian Yuan. Tan Ling, who comes from a rich family met with Tang Tian, the guy who is sought by many for his looks and good background. When the two of them started off the wrong foot. They where brought closer to each other by a case that they had to solve together.

This made them develop a wonderful relationship that none of them could have imagined from the beginning. Zhang Ruo leads the cast as Tan Ling, Zhang Hao as Tang Tian, Dai Jing as Duan Feng, and Baby Zhang as Zhou Zheng amongst other supporting and guest characters that comes and goes throughout the show.

Love is all

Love is all Episode 23 & 24 Streaming Details

Love is all episodes 23 & 24 will be released on Thursday, 21 May 2020 at 20:00 Chinese Standard Time. The latest episodes are always broadcasted on the local television channel Youku every Wednesday and Thursday in China. Each of these days brings two new episodes so we get a total of four new episodes each week. For streaming purposes for those who want to watch the drama online. You can use the official streaming details below.

You will be able to watch Love is all episodes 23 & 24 online on the Youku streaming website. All episodes are always available with English subtitles up until the latest broadcasted episode. For the latest episodes, you will have to wait until they finish their local broadcast in China then they can be uploaded for all viewers across the globe.

So there will be a total of 24 episodes out of 26, so this means that the drama will be ending next week for its last broadcasting schedule. So far there have not been any updates about Love is All Season 2. So it will be off the screen for a while. For the latest updates, make sure you visit again in case any news comes up with the season finale when it airs next week.

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