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‘Pokemon: Sword and Shield’ New Trailer Reveals New Information, Pokemon Battles And Dynamax Forms

Pokemon Sword and Shield update and details

Pokemon Sword and Shield is edging closer with each passing day now, and with time, we’re getting bits of information on what the game is going to be about and what we should expect from it. Precisely, at Pokemon Direct event, we got a lot of new information on the game which revealed the legendaries of this game to us, along with the new forms of battle such as Dynamax, and it also showed us the new open-world approach that replaced the old ‘routes format’ of the game.

Earlier today, a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield was released on YouTube, and it features some of the new stuff that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming game. The most notable features that we saw in the trailer included the new Pokemon, Dynamax battles and the new Gym battles as well.

The most important thing about the game looks like it is the Dynamax feature. In the trailer, we can see Pokemon like Pikachu, and even Gengar being transformed into their larger forms. These large forms are going to be very interesting to play with, and we hope that we can get some more details about it soon.

Other than that, the new gyms were also revealed in the trailer, and everything looks so much better. Towards the end, the two new Legendaries, Zacian, and Zamazenta were also revealed to us. The game is most likely going to be a huge success among the Pokemon fans and we feel that all the new additions to it have made it better than ever before.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will launch worldwide on 15th November 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

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