Once We Get Married Episode 15 & 16 Release Date and Spoilers

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The two latest episodes, of the Chinese rom-com drama ‘Once We Get Married’ that were released last week on Saturday, indeed made us more curious about what will happen in the upcoming episodes of this week. Hardly did the misunderstanding between the couple, Yin Si Chen and Gu Xi Xi from episode 13 clear, when even a bigger misunderstanding took place. It’s already hard for us to watch a drama that is this slow, realising only four episodes per week, and if the episodes end with such a turn of events, how do fans control their excitement!

Once We Get Married Episode 13 & 14 Recap

Episode 13 started with Si Chen having a hard time preparing to make a convincing deal with Alex. However, Xixi misunderstands his words and thinks that he is going to use his old tricks again in order to convince her to give up her dreams. Although she agrees to meet him, she doesn’t accept Si Chen’s gift and showcases her disappointment in him. On the other hand, Alex and Si Chen have a talk where he peacefully states the real reason why he couldn’t accept his offer but Alex refuses to collaborate again. Later, when she realises her mistake, Xixi immediately goes to Alex and sincerely apologizes to him, agreeing to accept the deal. Alex, being moved by Si Chen and Xixi’s love for each other, agrees to accept Si Chen’s alternative plan and thus everything gets back to normal.

Once We Get Married
A Still from Once We Get Married Ep 15

Well, by normal, I mean, Xixi getting stuck between her two knights in shining armours all over again. The later part of ep 13 and the beginning of ep 14 is all about the cute, adorable and jealous moments between the husband and wife, now when they are aware of their true feelings. Having healthy fights, teasing each other— everything was going great until the third wheel, Ran Xiwei decided to step in. She asks Shang Ke to arrange a meeting with Si Chen. Si Chen arranges a masquerade party in order to confess his feelings for Gu Xi Xi. Shang Ke asks his assistance to make Xixi dress in black while Xiwei will be dressed in white. However, the assistance makes a mistake and swaps the order.

Later, when Xixi goes to Si Chen, he misunderstands him to be Xiwei and asks her to maintain a distance from him since he is already in love with someone. Being heartbroken, Xixi leaves immediately and promises to stay away from him. When Si Chen comes to know about the disaster that just happened, he leaves to find Xixi. Meanwhile, Xixi is busy with her problem of sending store fabrics when Mo Zi Xin arrives to help her. Both of them sits to drink together and he sends her home, carrying a totally wasted Xixi on his back. The fourteenth episode ends with Xixi making a confession. We are pretty sure it is for Si Chen, but there is a high probability, that Mo Zi Xin thinks otherwise.

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Once We Get Married Ep 15 & 16 Release Date

The 15th and 16th episodes of Once We Get Married has been scheduled to air on Friday, October 22, 2021. The domestic fans are free to watch the series on MGTV channel by tuning in at 8:00 pm CST, when the next episode will air just after ep 15 ends. On the other hand, viewers from outside China have the option to buy the VIP membership of We TV to watch the latest episodes just after they release or wait for a few weeks to watch them free of cost.

Once We Get Married Ep 15 & 16 Spoilers

The upcoming episodes seem to be quite interesting as the leads will be seen resolving their issues. Ran Xiwei is going to play her dirty tricks again in order to insult Xixi but this time Si Chen is not going to let go. After watching the netizens troll Xixi on the internet, under the exclusive interview between her and Xiwei, Si Chen confronts Xiwei warning her not to cross her limits. Si Chen fixes Xixi’s damaged reputation by praising her fashion sense and creative designer suit that she has made for him. He even admits how happy he is to be with his wife. Later, Xi Chen and Xixi talk about the misunderstanding and Xixi hugs him. Finally, they are going to be together!

Once We Get Married Ep 16
A Still from Once We Get Married Ep 16

Ep 16 will be full of moments with the newly official couple being lovey-dovey with each other. It seems like Si Chen is going to spend some time at his in-laws, being intimate, reading old love letters. He fulfils Xixi’s wish of riding the Ferris wheel together in a fancy way. However, Mo Zi Xin seems to be under some misconception as he reveals to Xixi about his identity as the comic book writer, Nianxin and that, all his stories are about her.

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