Comedy Knockout Season 4: Plot, Cast And Details

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Comedy Knockout
Comedy Knockout

Comedy Knockout is a reality Comedy Game Show which is premiered on TruTV. The show features talented stand-up comedians who try to win a maximum number of points by impressing the live audience through their sets. The audience, on the other hand, gets a variety of fresh and bizarre outlooks on some very uncommon topics. The plot of the show is similar to Comedy Central, where celebrities like Joan Rivers and Donald Trump are sometimes at the receiving end of ‘ roasting. ‘ The show is produced by Mo Mandel, who is known for his works in ‘Love Bites’ and ‘Partners.’ The first season of the comedy show was premiered on April 21, 2016.

Comedy Knockout Season 4 Plot

As said earlier, The plot of Comedy Knockout is similar to the plot of other comedy shows of the bizarre genre like Comedy Central. The frequent theme of the show is Roasting, which is a type of humor where a particular individual becomes the subject of a joke, which is mostly in the insulting and humiliating form. The more humiliating a prank is, the better you can ‘roast’ and the more points you get.

The contestants of the show try to take a jibe at the expense of their fellow participants. Among various rounds of the show, is the round where the contestants are asked to share the worst things they can say or do in any given circumstances. Known as the ‘improv’ round, this has proven to be the most popular round of the show.

Comedy Knockout Season 4
Comedy Knockout Season 4 Poster

Comedy Knockout Season 4 Cast

The host of the show is Damien Lemon, who is a renowned writer and actor, best known for his works in The Amazing Spider-Man and Secrets.

The contestants of the show include Yamaneika Saunders, Jade Cotta-Preta,  Josh Wolf, Tone Bell, Michelle Buteau, Nosh Gardenswartz, and Sarah Tiana.

Comedy Knockout Season 4 update

Season 4 is Comedy Knockout is set to release in April 2020 with the last season, that is, Season 3 premiered on May 2, 2018, on TruTV. Stay on Otakukart for the latest updates.

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