Danny John-Jules Talks About His Absence From BBC’s Death In Paradise? Will He Return As Dwayne Myers Again?

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Danny John-Jules Talks About His Absence From BBC's Death In Paradise? Will He Return As Dwayne Myers Again?

Death In Paradise keeps its successful run intact as it celebrates its 10th anniversary with a brand new tenth season, along with BBC renewing it for further two more seasons ahead. The British-French crime drama that has spawned for 10 years now have seen many fan-favorite lead characters and supporting characters come and go right from Ben Miller to Ardal O’Hanlon throughout its course of the story set on the island of Guadeloupe. Still, with constant new interesting characters taking the lead, the show has always been a hit among the British audience and fans worldwide. Similarly, another fan-favorite character who left the series on the seventh season called Dwayne Myers, played by Danny John-Jules, is now making a buzz on the internet as fans question him if he will ever return, to which the actor had an interesting response.

Death In Paradise follows the story of a British police officer Detective Richard Poole played by Bill Miller, who is assigned to a case on the island of Guadeloupe where he decides to stay and solve several cases until he dies in season 3 and is replaced by the number of officers who continue the story of the Police department of the Caribbean Island. With the tenth season being a 10th anniversary for the ever-successful show, several characters make their way to return, including Joséphine Jobert being the first who recently reprised her role as Sergeant Florence Cassell. Ben Miller will also be returning in a cameo as he reprises his role of Detective Richard Poole. A similar question for a return was asked for Dwayne Myers’ character, played by Danny John-Jules, and here we are covering everything the actor had to say about his return to the Britsh-French crime drama.

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Danny  John-Jules On His Return For BBC’s Death In Paradise

The BBC’s Death In Paradise hit the TV screens with the 10th season last week, which marks a tenth anniversary for the show and is set to see many familiar faces making their way back into the series. The returns paved their way with Joséphine Jobert being the first to return in Sergeant Florence Cassell’s role, and it’s been teased that there is more to come. So, as the internet was buzzing with Death In Paradise’s 10th anniversary and rumored returns, a tweet from a fan questioned if the fan-favorite character Dwayne Myers ever came back to the series the 10th anniversary season or not.

Danny John-Jules Talks About His Absence From BBC's Death In Paradise? Will He Return As Dwayne Myers Again?

The fan tweet asked if Dwayne Myers ever come back because he is missed by the fans, to which he was met with a response from the actor himself who quoted, “They haven’t missed me since S7”. The tweet started making buzz as fans started making talks about how the character is heavily missed, and the show doesn’t seem the same without him. Another fan hit up Twitter asking the actor to come back to the show. Danny John-Jules replied jokingly, saying that his character has been sent to Washington to train the Police on how to man a barrier around a Government building. The actor then finally responded, adding more fun, asking fans to imagine Dwayne and another popular character from the series Fidel coming back as married since the audience can get away with anything in the show business.

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What To Expect?

Okay, since the series is on its 10th anniversary and by far has never failed to disappoint its audience. If the show is really planning to bring back a bunch of characters, we can’t certainly rule out the favorite 60-year-old Dwayne Myers as he is beloved by a lot of fans, and the show might not want to miss the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of fan who have been longing for is a return for a while.

Danny John-Jules Talks About His Absence From BBC's Death In Paradise? Will He Return As Dwayne Myers Again?

During an interview with Radio Times, the executive producer of Death In Paradise, Tim Key, was asked about the returns planned for the show’s 10th anniversary and whether John-Jules and another fan-favorite lead character DI Humphrey Goodman played by Kris Marshall make a guest appearance on the show. Tim Key replied, quoting “Never Say Never,” but yes, the executive producer stated that he is trying to be all mysterious, so he won’ rule out any possibility. Tim Key further revealed that he, with his utmost heart, stays in touch with everyone as he is in touch with Kris Marshall and stated that all of them genuinely love and have an affection for the show, so he is not ruling out anything because there could be a good story coming on the way.

So far, the show is still considered as one of prime interest for BBC Network as Death In Paradise never fails to garner viewership or fall in ratings and keeps its consistent storyline running with murder cases and consistent “whodunnit” plotlines. The series is on its 10th season and, with faith from BBC, will be further renewed for two more seasons. The 10th anniversary is so far is buzzing as Ben Miller, the first actor who led the show on its inception, is marking his return for a cameo and many familiar faces, including Danny John-Jules‘, Dwayne Myers. We will keep you updating everything related to Death In Paradise along with all the entertainment, TV shows, movies, anime, and gaming stuff, so stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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