‘One Piece Manga’ Just Revealed Sanji’s Raid Suit Secret Skill

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One Piece Chapter 931

The unexpected appearance of the Big Mom Pirates shook fans and readers in the previous chapter of One Piece. Meanwhile, more and more devil fruit users are being introduced before the decisive battle will happen. Sanji is fighting another person with a dinosaur devil fruit. With a lot of things going on in Wano, when would Luffy’s escape with Kid happen?

One Piece Chapter 931 will finally show Sanji in his Germa 66 Raid Suit to fight Page One. Law will tell the obvious thing that Sanji hates the most, that Sanji is wearing the raid suit no. 3 of the Germa 66, which is called Stealth Black. Sanji being Sanji, he told Law to not associate him with the Germa ever again. However, both will agree that they don’t like Germa, so Sanji changed its name to Soba Mask. Usopp can be seen admiring the suit with sparkling eyes.

One Piece Chapter 931

It turns out; the raid suit gives Sanji the power of Invisibility that he always sought. It can be remembered that Sanji already gave up in his dream to take the Suke Suke no Mi which he can use to sneak into bathrooms. Back to the battle, Franky and Usopp were shocked to see Page One attacking Sanji at an unbelievable speed.

Although Sanji already got his suit, he is still no match for Page One when it comes to strength. However, he was able to tank Page One’s attacks because of the suit’s durability. When it seems like he was defeated, he came back for full revenge and kicked Page One in the head.

Meanwhile, in Orochi’s castle, Robin is searching for the poneglyph in order to read it. However, a ninja troop named Oniwaban found her. In Kuri, while Chopper, Momonosuke, Otama, and Kiku are all training with swords. A woman was drowning, and they helped to save her. To Chopper’s surprise, the woman is Big Mom who happens to lose her memory. That’s it for One Piece Chapter 931. How will this unexpected turn of events affect the final battle? Will Big Mom became a temporary ally? We’ll find out in the next chapters.

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