The fact that Gacha Life 2 is in development has been around for some time. Gacha Life has been a popular game, and due to its rising popularity, people have been craving for Gacha Life 2. We have been briefed with some of the features in Gacha Life 2. Following is a list of them:

1. Pets: there are Pets included in Gacha Life 2, and they will be color customizable. These Pets will also talk.
2. Mounts: the Mounts part of Gacha Life 2 will put our character on a horse, car, etc.
3. Hands: the Hands are also part of Gacha Life 2 will lead us to change your hand gesture.
4. Battle Mode: Gacha Life 2 will have Battle Mode characters that can easily level up.

Also, there are 10 Characters in a scene and 50 total character slots. The studio behind Gacha Life 2 has planned to make many more changes to the game, for us to be able to enjoy it. In Gacha the first, the studio had about 8 characters for us to enjoy and create impressive scenes to be able to share with others. You could also play a mini-game and go on a live Gacha chat if you wanted.

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Gacha Life came out on October 20th, 2018, on Android and Samsung, and on October 23, 2018, for iOS. You could start by dressing up your characters in the game for free; you have a choice in different hairstyles, outfits, weapons, and so forth. About 20 characters can be saved for your own design. This Lunime game had an NPC mode.

Gacha Life 2 Release Date

Gacha Life 2 is expected to come out in August 2020, we will keep you posted with further developments.


  1. hello, so I’ve been wondering when gacha life 2 I supposed to be coming out if anyone can tell me that would be great! thank you!!!

  2. I’ve really liked Gacha life and it started to get boring, so hearing that Gacha life 2 being released made my life explode, I am so exited for Gacha life 2 and I knew it would make Gacha editors edit way easier!


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