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[Updated] Into The Badlands Season 4 – Cancellation, and Updates

Into The Badlands Season 3, eight episodes came out in 2018, from April 22, 2018, to June 17, 2018. Season 3 revolved around Sunny returning to Badlands and seeking a cure for his son. Into The Badlands is the story of a post-apocalyptic world, 500 years later which left the civilization in tatters. In this post-apocalyptic world, key technological elements such as electricity and ground vehicles, have survived the apocalypse. The social order, on the whole, had collapsed altogether, society shuns guns but has lead to a reliance on melee weaponry and crossbows.

The place Badlands was the former state of Oklahoma in which feudal social order has come about to fill in the power vacuum left by the war. As it happened in the feudal order, Barons control the land and key commodities such as opium and fuel. These Barons have maintained peace amongst themselves in away. Barons have a massive workforce of slaves called cogs.

Into The Badlands Season 4 update

If renewed, Into The Badlands Season 4 will release sometime in 2021. As of now, it is canceled, you can read theabout the cancellation and how you can save the show at the bottom of the post.

Part one of Season 3 focused on Sunny and his Son’s story again. An order by AMC was placed for the second half (season 3) of Into The Badlands. Sunny met with Bajie to seek a cure for his infant son Henry. The last Season saw the two Sunny and Bajie arrive at Pilgrim’s Fortress, but they were unwelcome there. Sunny later met with the Pilgrim and learned that his name is Sanzo. Series of events later, Pilgrim ended up transferring Henry’s gift to himself. Towards the end of Season 3, Part 1 finale, The Widow, Gaius, and Tilda gatecrashed the fortress (White Bone, Chau’s mansion) and Moon battled her troops with Lydia holding the line.

So that was that. Now Season 3, Part 2 (also mistaken as Season 4) of Into The Badlands has eight more episodes sanctioned, and it is reported that the Season half will premiere in 2019, March. The remainder of season 3 they say is apparently going to drop in March 2019 regularly. Only 8 episodes are left. We do have a trailer of the remaining episodes of the third season! Take a look.

Into the Badlands was given a green signal for its third season by the network in April 2017 and a total of 16 episodes was slated to release. The first half of the season premiered on 22nd April while the other half premiered on 24th March 2019. We have got one sad news for the fans as according to the latest reports, AMC has canceled ‘Into the Badlands,’ which means there will be no more seasons.

The cancellation was pretty surprising as no one was expecting it. Along with it, AMC also canceled The Son. So, Into the Badlands has been canceled and the final half has also been released, so watch it if you haven’t already.

Updated One:

It had been a considerable time since we completed the third season, and the fans cannot live with it. They are in search of more, and AMC is not in the mood to do so. It was announced way back that the third season would be its last, so there is no mistake from their end. Nonetheless, the fans are the one who cannot accept that the story has been ended for once and all.

Due to that, hashtags like #savethebadlands are trending, and Twitter is overflowing with the fan requests to get the show back. Not just that, we saw cast members like Nathaniel Moon actor Sherman Augustus retweeting such posts and using the hashtags to revive the show. If the fans and more celebrities will keep doing this, it is possible that some other network might intervene and produce another season! So, we need to wait and watch, and keep asking for another season.