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Rocket League Season 13: End Date and Other Details

rocket League Season 13 end date

Rocket League is a video game which a unique one in its own way. In the game the players have to play football using cars, well it seems stupid, but it is entertaining to play as I hear. Psyonix company has developed and published the game. Currently, Season 13 of the game is going on, which was launched back in December 2019. I am going to talk about Rocket League Season 13 end date in this post. So, without wasting more time, let us get to the main topic.

Rocket League Season 13 End Date

Rocket League Season 13 is currently still going on as we all know, it started on 04 December 2020. Rocket League Season 13 end date is going to be 25 March 2020, which is just a few days away from now. Fans have seemingly really enjoyed the ongoing season so far and also are excited about Season 14 to release on the same date when the Season 13 is all set to end. Thomas Silloway is the brains behind the direction of this game. Sarah Hebbler is the producer, and Corey Davis is the designer of the Rocket League. Jared Cone and Bobby McCain are the programmer and artists of the game, respectively. Mike Ault is the composer of the Rocket League. The engine of this game is Unreal Engine 3. Rocket League is available to play on a variety of platforms.

Rocket League Season 13 Release

These platforms are Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation, macOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. Rocket League wad released for Windows and PlayStation on 7 July 2015, Xbox One 17 February 2016; for macOS, the game was released on 08 September 2016, and finally, for Nintendo Switch, it was launched on 14 November 2017. This isn’t just a multiplayer game only but also a single-player one as well. This game has a very interesting plot because when one hears about it, he is interested in seeing how it works. In this game, we have to basically play English football with rocket-powered cars. It does seem to be an insane concept, but the game makers have seriously done a great job of pulling this idea off. Two teams have four players each, and like in football, the players have to put the ball into the opposition net using cars. The game is certainly an eyebrow-raising one, and you should try it out. Do mention your thoughts regarding Rocket League Season 13 end date in the comments section down below.