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Black Airpods: Airpods 2 Coming With Black Color Variant?

Many people have been disappointed by the lack of color choices with the older AirPods, and same is the case with the new AirPods that were released a few weeks back. Many people believe that they are AirPods 2 but, they are the newer version of AirPods.

The AirPods 2019 is an upgrade from the older ones. However, a lot of people haven’t been impressed by AirPods 2019. The new AirPods do have some changes but, they are more or less the same as the previous ones. The most notable difference is that the newer ones are entirely wireless. They support wireless charging.

Black Airpods

The design of the AirPods is the same, the sound quality is the same, and there aren’t any colors to choose from yet. According to some rumors, the new version of AirPods might get a new color, i.e., black. Many people have demanded Black color, and Apple might finally have something for Black lovers.

People would buy the black ones more than the white ones. Black is a lot more popular than white. But, these are just rumors right now. We will have to wait for some time before some credible source provides the information.

If the black color variant is confirmed in the upcoming weeks, then we might get it around June/July. It would be good for Apple to test how the black color ones perform on the market. In this way, when they do release AirPods 2, they can bring them out with more than just one color.