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Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 Update and Details

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 Details

Go! Go! Cory Carson is an animated TV series by Pixar’s alumni Stanley Moore & Alex Woo that tells the fantasy tale of toy vehicles —Vtech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels line— coming to life. This American TV series just had a single short feature film release on March 1, 2020, called Go! Go! Cory Carson: The Chrissy. In this article, we present to the reader everything we know so far about the children’s Netflix series.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 Plot

The Netflix Series produced by KUKU Studios tells the story of Cory Carson a kid-car that spends his days sharing life experiences with his friends & family as he travels the ups & downs of his hometown Bumperton Hills. According to the series producer, Stanley Moore, this story is about vehicles coming to life, focusing on the real experience of what it is like to be a child.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 update

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 should be released in June 2020, although as of today, Netflix has not yet made a statement regarding the status new season. Each season consists of seven seven-minute running episodes with new short films that will be available in the streaming platform along with the forthcoming season. Season 2 of the show first released on 1st March 2020, and since the previous season of the show premiered only within a gap of approx 3 months from each other. It’s a safe bet to expect a new season 3 in June 2020.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3

Go! Go! Cory Carson Netflix Official

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 Cast

  • Alan C. Lim as the voice of Cory Carson
  • Paul Killam as the voice of Papa Carson
  • Kerry Gudjohnsen as the voice Mama Carson
  • Maisie Benson as the voice of Mama Carson
  • In the supporting cast of Go! Go! Cory Carson:
  • Eli Morse, Adelaide Hirasaki, Smith Foreman & Ella Joy Ballesteros.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 Production Details

Executive Producer Tim Hahn  —production crew for Disney’s Finding Dory— works with some of Pixar’s best former art creators:

Tone Thyne —Assistant production manager of Disney’s “Fantasia 2000”—,

Stanley Moore —Story Artist in Disney’s “Monsters University”—

Alex Woo —Storyboard artist in Disney’s “Ratatouille” & “Cars 2”—

With this production, Netflix plans to cater to the needs of millions of parents of preschool children. KUKU Studios, along with other prestigious companies in the entertainment industry —The Jim Henson Company, Atomic Cartoon & DreamWorks— are working with Netflix as a distribution of School Video on Demand.

The production behind Go! Go! Cory Carson is delightful, the series based on a toy car line from Hong Kong’s Vtech, whose CEO —Allan Wong— is friends with producer Alex Woo. When the latter departed from Pixar to start his studio, Wong decided to collaborate as his company was interested in animation. This interest also aligned with those of Netflix’s wishes to bolstering their merchandising revenue.

Go! Go! Cory Carson’s art design is unique, and KUKU Studios chose French studio Superprod to handle the series characteristic’s human-like detailed animation. The entire visual aspect of the animated series is the result of the collaboration between many of Pixar’s alumni that see that their studios have limited capacity in comparison to Pixar’s significant budget in regards to resources for animation.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3 update

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3

The Berkeley-based studio Tonko House is in charge of the textures in the animations. That fact doesn’t translate into lousy quality productions, and it instead pushes the animators to use techniques in creative ways, producing quality animations like the ones we see in Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 3.

It is a challenge for the producers to transform stories that educate & resonate with preschoolers because the learning process for each child is different, and each country varies in the contents that they teach in kindergartens. The kinds of content that the showrunners want to bring to life needs to have the value of teaching the child something important.

The animation production team currently works with screenwriters to make a longer feature film for Go! Go! Cory Carson, since the studios, work on small feature short-films: the more work they produce with their available resources will tell if there are investors willing to take a risk & invest in these valuable contents currently provided by Pixar’s former workers.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 2 trailer

You can watch the trailer for Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 2 right here.

We conclude our report on Go! Go! Cory Carson by reminding our readers to return to our site for more information on this series and all the others that Netflix releases periodically.