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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part V Episode 31: update, And Details

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Part V Episode 31 Details, update

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part V will be releasing its new episode a few hours later. The previous episode was pretty good, and it was a huge relief after that filler episode. We will have another exciting episode, and I am very intrigued by how much content they will adapt for the upcoming event of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part V Episode 31.

In the previous episode, we saw that Secco and Cioccolata were the two organization members sent by the Boss to stop Bucciarati and co. from reaching. The Boss clearly said that the two of them were very dangerous and he was only using them as the final resort. Cioccolata’s stand is Green Day, and Secco’s stand is Oasis. Both of them are mighty stands.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part V Episode 31

Cioccolata’s stand attacks anyone with a dangerous mold when a person moves from a higher location to a lower location. Bucciarati and co. Barely managed to escape from it. Narancia was severely wounded in the process. Bucciarati and the rest got in a car and started moving towards the Colosseum. However, Cioccolata was following them with the help of a helicopter. Giorno, Bucciarati, and Mista had to move on foot.

Bucciarati stayed to face Secco, whose stand allows him to move underground freely. Giorno and Mista used their power to stop Cioccolata from fleeing.

Now moving on to the next episode. We will see likely see Mista and Giorno going to take down Cioccolata because his stand is causing damage to everyone. If he isn’t stopped, the mold would spread to Rome and wipe out every living thing in Rome.

The episode will be released on May 24, 2019.