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Ink Master Season 12 Episode 1: ‘The Ink Will Speak For Itself’ Streaming And Spoilers

Ink Master Season 12 Episode 1

In this post, we are going to talk about Ink Master season 12 episode 1 where to watch, and spoilers. Finally, the day has come, and the fans would be delighted to know it. Ink Master is back with another season, and it would be amazing to see new tattoos and some fresh talents coming out to compete against each other.

With that being said, the season premiere will open with 18 artists with their skills to defeat each other and make their ways into the show. The show has a pool prize of $100,000, which will be given to the winner of this season, who will also be titled, Ink Master. The teams will be based on genders this time, so male and females will collide in the Ink Master Battle of the Sexes.

The show will be premiering its 12th season tomorrow, on 11 June 2019. Interestingly, the show will be broadcasted on Paramount Network channel at 10 PM on Tuesdays. The first episode is titled ‘The Ink Will Speak For Itself.’ While the title justifies a lot, we have to admit that the show has made a lot of careers for new artists.

The show will be available on the Paramount app as well, where viewers can stream any if the Paramount shows including Ink Master with their TV subscription details. The Paramount Network channel is available on Roku, FuboTV, Philo, Sling, and DirecTV Now, where viewers can stream Ink Master at the mentioned time.

You can see the cast of the 12th season in the video above. We will keep you updated with the further details about Ink Master, including a preview of individual episodes and more news about similar topics. So, bookmark OtakuKart to visit and never miss anfrequently!