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Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9: ‘Mount Wilson Ranch’ Streaming And Spoilers

Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9

In this post, we are going to discuss Ghost Adventures season 18 episode 9 release details, where to stream, and spoilers. The team has to travel across the nation to solve different cases of abnormal activities, mostly involving spirits and ghosts. Nonetheless, they are always fearless in whatever situation they are. In the last episode too, they had to face a situation where anyone would be horrified, as the place had unseen hands threatening the visitors.

Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9 update

They had to visit a 127-year-old hospital named St. Ignatius Hospital after numerous reports of paranormal activities. They traveled to Colfax, Washington to investigate the building, which was abandoned. There were strange growls, with invisible entities scaring everyone. Now, we should talk about the next episode ahead!

The show is now eight episodes deep into its eighteenth season, and the nineteenth episode is supposed to drop this Saturday. The nineteenth episode of Ghost Adventures season 18 is scheduled to release on 22 June 2019. The show is broadcasted on Travel Channel at 9 PM every Saturday. The upcoming episode is named ‘Mount Wilson Ranch.’

Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9 Streaming

The show can be watched online as well, where viewers need to add their TV subscription details to Travel Channel app and website to gain access. Furthermore, there are many streaming service providers such as Hulu, Sling, DirecTV Now, and Roku where viewers can watch Travel Channel at the discussed time to watch Ghost Adventures.

In the next episode, we will see Zak and his crew going to investigate an infamous Ranch for its concentration of supernatural powers and with several reports stating extraterrestrial activities. The ranch would be called Mount Wilson Ranch, located at Pioche, Nevada.