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Venom Sequel: Tom Hardy Is Coming Back, Also BigFor Tom Holland’s Spiderman

Venom Sequel

The Spin-off to Sony’s Spiderman, Venom initially didn’t attract much appreciation from the fans, and for a movie like that, the buzz and hype was pretty low, and there was not much expectation from the film either, however, Tom Hardy-starrer shocked the world and proved all of wrong with its performance in the box office.

Despite getting negative reviews from the critics, Tom Hardy’s Venom became the seventh highest grossing movie of 2018 with total gross earnings of over $855 million worldwide. With this kind of success, Sony had to give the green light to the sequel, and so was the case.

The producer of the film, Amy Pascal, revealed to fans that the sequel to Venom had been given the green light and the work is being done at a reasonable rate. Much to fans’ delight, Amy has also revealed that Tom Hardy would be reprising his role as Eddie Brock in the upcoming sequel. She added that no one could play the role of Eddie Brock as magnificent as Tom Hardy so he would be coming back for sure.

She then goes on to drop a hugewhich shocked the fans. She revealed that they are planning something big for the crossover of Tom Holland’s Spiderman and Venom in the future.