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Avenger Actor of ‘Morgan Stark’ Request Fans To Stop Bullying Her With a Heartfelt Message

Lexi Rabe

Avengers: Endgame, the biggest superhero movie of all time has undoubtedly left some big holes in our hearts, The fall of our favorite superheroes still haunt us, and many of the true Marvel fans are still recovering from it.

The movie is the second highest grossing movie of all-time, and it is on its way to beat the Avatar to take the new number one spot, people might think that it’s such a happy time for the stars that appeared in the movie, however, such is not the case for this little girl as internet bullying really affected her. Here is everything you need to know about the matter.

The girl I’m talking about is Lexi Rabe who played the character of Morgan Stark, daughter of Iron Man (Tony Stark). She posted a video on her Instagram page and pleaded fans to stop bullying her. She also left a big message asking the fans to leave her family alone and that she is only a 7 years old kid.

It seems that not everyone is enjoying a happy life after the grand success of the movie. Here is the complete message that she has for her fans.

Lexi’s again being bullied, and this type of things prevent the celebrities from leaving the house or meet new people without the thought of fear. The message urges the fans to keep their opinions to themselves in order for Lexi to grow up properly like any other free child. She is a normal child, and just like any other child, she is treated appropriately but, it doesn’t have to be in public all times.

The message also points out their behavior, as just like any other normal person, getting from place to place to reach on time can be stressful, which make them grumpy, and they apologized. They are not perfect, and the pressure and constant fear can really affect her social life.

The message finally ends with asking the fans not to judge and stop bullying her.