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Kingdom Season 2 Update: Seo Bi And Prince Lee Chang Survived Zombie Attack

Kingdom Season 2 Update

Fans are going crazy after they completed Kingdom season 1 on Netflix, and all they want is more episodes now. Although the show is a Korean show, the global audience has shown interest in it, as all the six episodes are really involving. Also, we saw that the show ended with a cliffhanger, which was the reason everyone wanted to know what will happen next.

It was when a zombie attack happened on Seo Bi and Prince Lee Chang. Nobody knew what happened to them and whether they got out of it or not. However, now we do know that they came out safely, and maybe might have reached to a nearby village or town. Recently, we got to know that Bae Doo Na, who plays Seo Bi on the show, posted a picture of her on set, which looked more like a still from an episode.

Kingdom Season 2 Update

Bae Doo Na as Seo Bi, credits Netflix.

It showed her in a place where we never saw her, and that led us to believe that she might have gone to a new place with Prince. While nothing is confirmed, we do know that Seo Bi has survived, and I believe that Prince might have also survived. It would be interesting to see what would be their next step to prevent the zombies, and save Korea.

It is known that the second season is under production, but a update is not coming out lately. The second season started filming back in February this year, and we do not know whether it finished filming or not. Nevertheless, we expect the show to release in 2020, although late 2019 release is also possible. The next season might also have six episodes, same as the first season.

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