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Pixiv Web Series Senpai Ga Urusai Kouhai No Hanashi Is Going To Get An Anime Adaptation

Senpai ga uzai kouhai no Hanashi. Illustrated by Shiromanta.

The anime adaptation of a well-known web series “Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi” or “My Senpai Is Annoying” has been announced. The anime will be produced by Doga Kobo. The Doga Kobo is well known for its anime like 11eyes, GJ Club, Himouto Umaru-Chan, New Game!!, Asteroid in Love, and one of the most popular anime of previous year Dumbbell nan Kilo Motteru?. The series might be added to the other great works of Doga Kobo.

The series has been serialized since 2017. First appeared in pixiv and twitter this small sweetness overload manga caught the attention Ichijinsha’s Comic Pool. The series is now published in Ichijinsha’s Comic POOL and the pixiv.

This sweet manga was created by Shiromanta from pixiv who is still active on both pixiv and twitter. There are sayings like it’s duplicate series like the original is from “Ichijinsa and not Pixiv” or “Pixiv and not Ichijinsha“. But in actual, there are two versions of the series one with the main series which uploads on pixiv and twitter and the other is a side story manga, with the more enhanced and detailed version of the original series which is published on Ichijinsha’s Comic POOL both created by the same creator, “Shiromanta”.

The story is about two characters who both works in the same office. Senpai which is of course who is in the higher spot is Harumi Takeda and the other one is female who is working under him named Igarashi Futaba. While Futaba keeps saying how she didn’t like him, yet she keeps getting impressed by his senpai every moment.

Futaba always nags on how he laughs loudly, how he is so big, and how he always petting me and how annoying he is. But all that aside he always helps her out in troubles and rough times like a good senpai he is. And which is what Futaba likes about him but she is don’t want to accept it. The whole story revolves like that which is quite a candy in wholesomeness.

Igarashi Futaba is small compared to her co-workers and she is sensitive about her height and she is always found on her pissed mood. But as a girl, she honestly likes cute things. On the other hand, Harumi Takeda always looks out for her Kouhai. Unlike Futaba Takeda is always found in his energetic mood, easy to get along, and has a caring and helpful side.

The anime adaptation may have announced but we have yet to get the premiere date. But if you are interested in this sweet story we recommend you to read both web series and manga. If you’re into romance and comedy manga or anime like “This Art Club Has a Problem!” this series Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi will suit your taste.

Senpai Ga Urusai Kohai No Hanashi.

The announcement of the series has just announced so the other casts and voice actors and not yet decided. However, will keep you updated on every information.