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Joker Director Todd Phillips Answers The Most Asked Question By The Fans

Joker(Credits:Warner Bros. Pictures)

The long debate about the Joker film as finally ended and is about whether or not a certain character in the film as lived or died. This question was answered by the director of DC’s Joker. Before I begin I have to warn you that there are spoilers ahead in this article about the Joker if you don’t want to be spoiled then click away from the article. With that out of the let’s continue with the topic.


Joker 2019

Joker(Credits:Warner Bros. Pictures)

In the movie we see Arthur (Joaquin Phoenix) falling in love has his neighbor, Sophie (Zazie Beetz). This is what the movie wants us to think but in reality, Arthur’s entire relationship with Sophie was in his mind. This comes to the viewer’s mind when the second half of the movie, Arthur visits Sophie in her apartment and she is alarmed which shows that they had no relationship in reality. After that we see Arthur walking down the hallway with no resolution–and that is the last time we see Sophie.

Some of the viewers wanted to know weather Arthur killed Sophie. This question was answered by Phillips who wrote Joker–confirmed this while talking to¬†IndieWire. He said “He doesn’t kill her, definitively. As the filmmaker and the writer, I am saying he doesn’t kill her. We like the idea that it’s almost like a litmus test for the audience to say, ‘How crazy is he?”

He further added, “Most people that I’ve spoken to think he didn’t kill her because they understand the idea that he only kills people that did him wrong.” Moreover, “She had nothing to do with it. Most people understood that, even as a villain, he was living by a certain code. Of course, he didn’t kill this woman down the hall.”

Phillips wasn’t unclear about what happened to Sophie. He also told that in the movie’s earlier draft, Sophie was alive and well in her apartment watching the interview that Arthur gave to Murray Franklin, which would have confirmed she was still alive. Finally, after a long time, the fate of Sophie has been confirmed.