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Elizabeth Olsen Talks About Scarlet Witch’s New Personality And Her Favorite Sitcom Setting In The Upcoming Marvel’s Wanda Vision!

Elizabeth Olsen Talks About Scarlet Witch's New Personality And Her Favorite Sitcom Setting In The Upcoming Marvel's Wanda Vision!

After a complete year of zero releases, with the last being “Spider-Man: Far From Home” of July 2019, which further adds more than 5 months and 1 year of no releases, Marvel Studios is officially on its way to make its huge comeback in the entertainment media and reclaim its throne as the top-charting lion with Wanda Vision being the first and foremost in the line. Wanda Vision will be part of MCU’s Disney Plus venture that consists of an array of Marvel’s web series and Specials that will tie-up with the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe in the cinemas. Wanda Vision will focus on the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame and the lives of Scarlet Witch, a.k.a Wanda Maximoff and Vision living a suburban life as they are caught in a loop, and everything goes weird in their day-to-day lives.

The Disney Plus series featuring the beloved Marvel character already has a lot to explain, from Vision being alive to different scenarios from different eras in the trailer. Over that, Marvel President Kevin Feige further revealed that the Wanda Maximoff and Vision starter would be comedy centric and sitcom-based web series for most of its run, which fuels more excitement for the fans.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the character of Wanda Maximoff in the MCU and the upcoming Wanda Vision, sat on an interview and revealed a lot about her character and sitcom settings, plus the one sitcom setting she enjoyed the most. She explained how the events in the previous movies affected her character and how we may see a new person born from it. Furthermore, the fun parts of different sitcom settings and eras were also revealed by her as she told the fans her favorite sitcom setting throughout the show’s run.

So here is a breakdown of what Elizabeth Olsen had to say about her character in the upcoming Marvel’s Disney Plus Series Wanda Vision in an interview with SFX Magazine.

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Elizabeth Olsen On The New Side Of Scarlet Witch In Wanda Vision

Elizabeth Olsen Talks About Scarlet Witch's New Personality And Her Favorite Sitcom Setting In The Upcoming Marvel's Wanda Vision!

While talking to SFX Magazine via Reddit, Elizabeth Olsen asked how she was approached with the upcoming Disney Plus Series script. She stated how much she loved it when Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel, pitched her the idea. She compared the story with her own dream idea of presenting the character of Scarlet Witch onscreen. She revealed the talks with Jac Shaeffer, who serves as showrunner for Wanda Vision, and explained how the events from the previous movies like Wanda losing her brother in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, then becoming fugitive in Captain America: Civil War and losing Vision in the Avenger: Infinity War will affect the overall character and the person Wanda is.

Elizabeth Olsen stated that the showrunner Jac Shaeffer really wrote her character for Wanda Vision accurately by keeping her in mind. She stated that the writers had written her in an understanding way, and the thing she wants from the character already exists in her story. She further explained how the Marvel Universe has always given Wanda beautiful moments and storylines but often as an emotional character with all the fun and comedy mixed with it, and she believes that Wanda is someone who is in the moment of a lot of grieving and questioning, which hasn’t been explored yet.

Elizabeth Olsen further explained the new skills and attributes the character is exploring, and we might see soon in the upcoming Wanda Vision. Olsen stated that the Disney Plus Series gave her a chance to see a completely new side of her character. She witnessed attributes ranging from Scarlet Witch’s humor to her sassiness to her flirtation. Elizabeth Olsen pretty much thought it was nice to have all this together.

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Elizabeth Olsen on her Favorite Sitcom Setting

Elizabeth Olsen Talks About Scarlet Witch's New Personality And Her Favorite Sitcom Setting In The Upcoming Marvel's Wanda Vision!

As previously reported, Kevin Feige revealed that Marvel’s Disney Plus Series “Wanda Vision” is set to take a lot of cues from American Sitcoms ranging from The Dick Van Dyke Show, which is the central theme for the first episode, to other sitcoms like The Office, Friends, That 70s show and many more.

Further, in the interview, Elizabeth Olsen was asked about her favorite sitcom setting where she opened about the different Network TV eras they went through. She started out talking about the ’50s, which she feels was difficult for her as there were an audience and the camera, and she is inclined not to forget that. She specifically talked about how they shot for the 80s and 70s and dubbed them as cheesy and delicious to explain that era’s humor. Olsen also noted that shooting for the 80s required a lot of sincerity but that too needed to go in a cheesy way.

What To Expect Now?

Elizabeth Olsen Talks About Scarlet Witch's New Personality And Her Favorite Sitcom Setting In The Upcoming Marvel's Wanda Vision!

From the above interview, we can easily expect that Elizabeth Olsen’s character will see a major change, and we may get a lot of insights into the character. Marvel is following its regular strategy of always giving the character a good introduction to the audience. These Disney plus series are a way to introduce Wanda as a new person to the fans in the upcoming Wanda Vision. The fun setting of different sitcoms will give the character a break from all the hardships she faced in the previous Marvel movies.

Now coming to the setting, Marvel Studios has definitely worked really hard when it comes to recreating the magic of all the TV Network eras right from the 50s to today. The live audience brought in for the 50s setting is a prime example and will be a huge part of the pilot episode, speculated to be based on The Dick Van Dyke Show. For the 70s and 80s, we believe The Brady Bunch and Family Ties are serving as a base.

These different ears have definitely confirmed the arrival of twin babies. The new teaser also sees Monica Rambeau’s arrival, played by Teyonnah Parris, who is set to turn everything upside down for the happy couple.

At the end of the day, Elizabeth Olsen always showed interest in telling the story of Wanda Maximoff if we look at her previous comments in the past since the arrival of the character. One story involves the comic House Of M by Brian Michael Bendis, where we saw Wanda in an alternate reality creating her family with Vision. Still, when she realized it was a fluke, she rips apart the Marvel Universe by killing many mutants. The comic book is famous for Scarlet Witch’s quote, phrasing,” No more mutants.” Although the story is just a thought, our hero is not a mutant, and X-Men still belongs to Fox. But the idea still serves as a future dream for a lot of fans.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Marvel’s Disney Plus Series “Wanda Vision.”

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