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Skam Austin Season 3 Cast And All We Know So Far

SKam Austin Season 3 Cast And All We Know So Far
SKam Austin Cast

Skam Austin is a highly anticipated Ameican teen web series that first appeared on 27 April 2018 on Facebook Watch. The creators of the show are Julie Andem, and the presentation has been done by real-time method short clips. The story revolves around a group of students and their lives in high school. It focuses on their relationships and friendships as well.

The show made everything realistic by creating social media accounts of the fictional characters and helped the audience to get close to them. The show has run for two seasons.

Who is the cast in Skam Austin?

The main character Megan Flores is played by Julie Rocha, who led the first season. Kennedy Hermansen played Grace Olsen who was the protagonist of the second season. Till Simon plays Marlon Frazier, who is Megan’s love interest. Austin Terry plays Daniel Williamson, who is Grace’s love interest.

The other casts include Shelby Surdam, Valeria Vera, Aaliyah Muhammad, who are the close friends of Grace and Megan. There are also recurring casts such as Sydney Chandler, Pedro Castenada, Sophia Hopkins, and so on.

What is the plot of Skam Austin?

The first season is about Megan and her life at high school. The show focuses on her relationship with Marlon and her broken friendship with Abby. Marlon did not seem to be supporting top Megan when it came to participation in dances and events. Marlon’s friend tried to ruin their relationship later, and due to lots of insecurities and trust issues, the couple ultimately broke up.

Season 2 focused on the life of Grace and about how she begins to date, Daniel. It follows incidents of breaking friendships and heartbreaks as well.

When is Skam Austin season 3 update?

The last season came out on 15 March 2019. No official announcements have been made regarding the release of season 3 of the show. Our prediction is that it will be released around April of 2020.