Versailles Season 4: Will There Be Another Series?

On August 6, 2018, Versailles Season 4 aired its finale episode on BBC Two. That left us wondering what would happen to the reign of Louis XVl and the fate of the hit period drama. The fact of the matter is, Season 3 was the last of the installments of Versailles. The news came from horse’s mouth himself, from Fabric de la Patelliere who’s head of fiction at Canal Plus. Canal Plus is the French channel on which Versailles airs.

Patelliere confirmed the news by stating solid reasons such as Versailles was made with the sole purpose and it was a coming of age tale which saw the rise to power of Louis XIV. It was about his chronicles and how he built Versailles to assets control over his nobles. If you have seen the Season finale which was called “The Legacy,” you would know that at the end of it, Versailles ended, Louis was some 46 or 47. The events consequently led to the French Revolution. According to the showmakers they convey what they had to convey, leading to an end in Versailles.

There are historians such as François Bluche that debate Louis’ reign led to modernity in France and yet there are historians who say that Louis’ reign led to events up to the French Revolution. Every actor and actress on Versailles feels that the show arc has come to an end and Season 3 is the right point to end Versailles.

Now that the period drama has officially come to an end, I guess there is nothing left to debate about. Season 3 of Versailles airs on Amazon Prime in the coming weeks. The show has finished airing on TV. You can either choose by watching with the Amazon Prime ownership or purchase a season for £11.49.

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