Destiny 2 Season of The Chosen: What Will Be The Next Challenge For Guardians?

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Season of The Chosen Destiny 2

A brand new season of Destiny 2: Beyond Light is about to launch soon! The new season is named Season of The Chosen. Moreover, all the players are anticipating the gaming experience. We all know that Destiny 2: Beyond Light is one of the major expansions of Destiny. Furthermore, there are various new features installed in the Season of The Chosen. It is season thirteen of Destiny 2, wherein many new arenas and gears are being made available for players. However, it is a first-person shooter video game; it still has multiplayer features as the game advances. Recently, the trailer of Season of The Chosen Destiny 2 was released. It got a huge response from all the fans, and they are now eagerly waiting for the game launch. 

If you have missed out on the details about the latest updates, we are here to guide you through. We will be discussing the latest development, release date, and major gameplay changes seen in Season of The Chosen.

About Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

Season of The Chosen Destiny 2


The Destiny series was first launched in 2014 and made its way to popularity till today. Moreover, the creator of this fantastic concept of FPS is Bungie. Firstly, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is one of the crucial expansion in this series. It was recently released on 10th November 2020. Secondly, this is the fifth extension of Destiny 2. The elements to gain power and the gears provided are amazing in this installation. Moreover, the new season thirteen is packed with enormous features. It is because a new element of darkness is being introduced in Season of The Chosen. Furthermore, Stasis’s new element equips the player with ice-based abilities that emerge from the darkness.

Besides, Bungie has introduced Destiny Content Vault(DCV). It is something new for the Destiny fans. DCV includes all the less played locations and activities from the previous 3 years of Destiny 2. Surely, it is done to reduce the install size of this game. Moreover, Bungie seems excited about this new season and the start of a new era for the Destiny Franchise. 

Destiny 2 Gameplay:

The gameplay is straightforward, and they have kept it basic. Firstly, you are getting first-hand experience as the protagonist or lead character of the game. The player is the Guardian, who uses the power of Light to fight evil. Secondly, the superpowers, gears, and new strikes help you fight for honor. Moreover, there are several battlegrounds or environments you can play and earn new gears. Also, your power tends to increase with each completing challenge. There is a player vs. player and multiplayer mode available in this game, along with cooperative activities. 

Thirdly, there are various dungeons, raids, and special events occurring in the game world so that you can acquire bounty and more power and weapons. However, you need to perform well to gain the rewards and upgrade your equipment. Furthermore, talking about your gaming character, you can choose three main classes: Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. Also, access to various subclasses under these are given to the player as the game goes on. On the other hand, the players are tempted with powerful weapons that make them attend more challenging activities. 

Before this expansion of Destiny, there were just three power; Solar, Void, and Arc. As mentioned earlier, there is a new element introduced in Season of The Chosen, Stasis. Although the previous three power elements have origin from Light, Stasis emerges from the Darkness. Stasis is a Winter Wrath that gives the player the ability to fire freezing explosions and icy storms towards the enemy. This season is going to bring about some new adventures and experiences for all the players.

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Major Gameplay Changes:

Season of The Chosen Destiny 2

There are some dominant changes made in this new version of Destiny. This is done to improve the gaming experience and make it even from entertaining. Following are the latest developments in the gameplay. 

  1. The DCV: In the previous years, there remained some destinations in this game that were less visited. These include Mercury, Mars, Titan, Io, and the Leviathan campaigns and activities. Therefore, Bungie has cycled out into the Destiny Content Vault(DCV). This means that players can access these locations if needed, but they won’t increase the game’s install size. Moreover, Earth’s Cosmodrome and Europa are also added to the game. 
  2. Customizations: So there is this companion of the Guardian in the game called the player’s Ghost. The armor or shell for it can be customized by the player itself now. Moreover, it is similar to the previously introduced Armor 2.0 system. Earlier, the players could obtain this Ghost shell through various properties. However, Bungie needed to introduce more customization options for the players.
  3. Gambit Mode: It was in the Foresaken extension the hybrid PvE/PvP Gambit mode was introduced. Moreover, the three-round model was dropped, and the single-round Gambit Prime mode stayed. The Season of The Drifters saw this change, which led to removing some of the gameplay factors along with it. Furthermore, this could boost other features like obtaining more armors. Also, players can summon more powerful blocks on the enemy’s map, etc.
  4. Power Infusion Cap: Previously introduced weapons and gears had maximum power infusion limit. This means that they cannot be used in activities requiring a high power level. However, in this new season, all the non-exotic weapons ad gear have a power infusion cap. This suggests that the gear with a max power limit of 1050 previously, now that’s the starting level in Beyond Light. 
  5. The Abandoned Quests: In this new expansion of Destiny, players can get access to abandoned quests. This can be done through a quest kiosk in the Tower. Firstly, this kiosk gives the veteran players entry to the new player questline for the first-time players. Secondly, you can acquire the exotic archive in the Tower also. This way, you can get the weapons and gears from the DCV. However, this may seem a little unfair for the players who gain their equipment. Therefore, to keep it even, the former has to pay in-game currencies to get the weapons.

Season of The Chosen Destiny 2 Trailer:

Season of The Chosen Destiny 2 is one of the awaited games for the fans. Recently, the trailer for the same was released. It was a great briefing of the game. Moreover, Bungie wanted to show the “Guardians” was them. The fans immensely like this trailer of Season of The Chosen Destiny 2s. They seem to be excited about the arrival of this brand new season. Apart from this, the release date of this season was also revealed earlier that day. 

Release Date of Season of The Chosen:

So, the fascinating journey through various planets and power elements is waiting for all the Destiny Guardians. After the release of the trailer, the release date for season 13 was made public. The Season of The Chosen Destiny 2 is about to release on February 9, 2021. This season will go along the span of 3 months. Therefore, season 13 of Destiny 2 will run from 9th February- 11th May 2021. The creator tends to introduce a new season every quarter of this year. Moreover, the game is available to be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. 

Changes in Season of The Chosen:

Several things are reworded in the upcoming season. Firstly, the Infamy rank and Valor rewards have gone some changes. Secondly, the Drifter’s vendor and Lord Shaxx screens have a reputation reward section. This way. All the current rewards are displayed in the section. Moreover, you can pick the rank up from the vendor once you reach it. For instance, there are 3 upgrade modules rewarded at rank 4, 3 Enhancement Cores at rank 7, etc. Finally, there is an ultimate reward, an Ascendant Shard, that turns to Exotic Engram when you reset it. 

Moreover, the triumph seals are obtained by completing further objectives after getting the seal. You gain an interesting color and symbol added to your title. Other changes include the removal of crucible tokens from the game. The Legendary and Master, Lost Sector rotation consists of K1 Crew Quarters, K1 Communion, K1 Revelation, and K1 Logistics. The Moon armor is reworded and made available in this latest season. However, Lord Shaxx, Drifter, Commander Zavala, and Banshee-44 will not provide you with weekly bounties from now onwards. 

This is all about the upcoming season of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. So Guardians, gear up because something amazing is about to happen in Season of The Chosen.

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