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Shrill Season 3 Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Shrill Season 3
Shrill Season 3

Shrill is an American Comedy Television series that is streamed on Hulu. It tells the story of a young fat woman, Annie, who takes pride in how she is and is willing to live her life to the fullest. The show displays the usual ups and downs faced by the rank and file in daily life and how our unconventional female protagonist handles them all. The show is adapted from a non-fiction book by Lindy West titled, ‘Shrill: Notes from a loud woman.’

The comedy series categorically portrays our lead female cast as a strong-willed woman. She refuses to do anything about her body but wants to turn her life for anything but good. It has taken a lot of ingenuity for the streaming platform Hulu to stream such a series, which is not led by a conventionally slim and good looking actress. The show attacks societal stereotypes regarding body shape, relationships, and the acceptance of a lady in society.

The series has completed two successful seasons. Fans highly appreciate the show for showcasing the real struggles of aspiring women in society, and we will all want to series to continue in the form of Season 3 and beyond.

When is Shrill Season 3 update?

Shrill Season 3 is expected to release on Hulu in November 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

What is Shrill Season 3 Plot?

The series revolves around its lead female character Annie and her ups and downs in life propelled by relationship issues, family trails, and stressful career. She is an aspiring journalist and is highly focused on her career. On the other hand, she also shares a complicated relationship with Ryan, an editor.

The series opens with Annie accidentally becoming pregnant as her ‘pill’ fails. She starts to think about what she actually wants in the relationship and her life and considers whether she should have a baby with her ‘hook-up’ partner.

Our lead female cast also faces ‘modern-age’ problems. She becomes a subject of online harassment from some internet troll. However, our protagonist decides it’s high time to take control of her life. She does not allow some random online guy to ruin her life.

Annie’s approach to life takes a drastic turn when she goes to a “Fat Babe Pool Party.” She becomes furious with her own boss and replies to him by publishing a body-positive article on the newspaper’s website so that she can expose the mentality of everyone who thinks that only slim and attractive bodies are perfect specimens.

Annie gets tired of everyone dismissing her opinions about ‘every shape is good shape.’ She wants people not to take her granted for her outward appearance. In order to prove her mettle to the world, she inculcates serious changes in her way of life, infusing body positivity throughout.

As evident, the show takes multiple themes into consideration and presents a well-balanced narrative throughout infusing the power of a smile. It dives into the motto of body positivity and how to respect one’s self, nevertheless of any circumstances. It also talks about abortion and pregnancy and how one should deal with it, considering different perspectives rather than resorting to regret and shame. To win the battle of life, you need to traverse through the ‘civilized savage’ and embrace your true self for the larger good.

Season 2 of the series introduces Annie with a new gush of positivity but also throws before her a serious task of self-realization. We follow her journey into adulthood into several ups and downs as she finally takes a decision regarding her friendship with Ryan and her issues with her mother. Season 3 is to continue on similar lines showcasing more struggles making Annie a better’ smiling warrior’.

Who is Shrill Season 3 Cast?

The lead role of Annie is played by Aiden Bryant. She is an established American actress and comedian and has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for the show. She is also known for her role in Variety Series Saturday Night Live.

Other lead actors of the show include Julia Sweeney as Annie’s mother, Lolly Adefope as Fran, Annie’s bestie, Luka Jones, as Ryan, Annie’s Boyfriend, Ian Owens, as Amadi, Annie’s co-worker, and John Cameron Mitchell as Gabe, Annie’s boss.

What is Shrill Season 3 Trailer?

The trailer of Shrill Season 3 is still awaited. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the Season 2 Trailer here-