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Blood and Treasure Season 2 Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Blood & Treasure Season 2
Blood & Treasure Season 2

Blood & Treasure is an American action-adventure drama television series which is premiered on CBS. The series is inspired by two other shows of the same genre- Indiana Jones and National Treasure. It provides a contemporary action-packed, thrilling experience to its viewers in its 38-83 minute running time.

The show centers around two contrasting personalities- one is a brilliant antiquities expert, and another is a cunning art burglar. They join together to catch a devastating terrorist who funds his attacks through stolen treasure. They travel around the globe, with the aim to hunt down their target, but little did they know that they are stepping deep down into the epicenter of a two-hundred-year-old battle for the cradle of civilization.

The series has been appreciated for its globe-trotting adventure with the captivating mix of action, humor, and drama. The series is written by Federman and Scaia and is distributed by CBS Television distribution. Taylor Elmore, Ben Silverman, and others are involved in the production of the show.

When is Blood & Treasure Season 2 update?

Blood & Treasure Season 2 is expected to release on CBS in May 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

Watch Blood & Treasure Season 2 Trailer?

The trailer of Blood & Treasure Season 2 is still awaited. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the Season 1 preview through RT TV here-

Blood & Treasure Season 2 Plot: All About It

The series follows two lead protagonists. One is Danny, a brilliant antiquities expert, and a former FBI member. The other is Lexi Vaziri, an equally genius and cunning art thief. The FBI (former) and the thief join hands to oddly form an invincible team and crackdown a ruthless terrorist in the form of Karim Farouk. Karim has terror-specific modus operandi in his arsenal. He steals rare treasures and uses the cash to fund his attacks.

The mission begins when Danny’s mentor is abducted by Farouk. As the adventure takes its shape, two contrasting forming an odd yet formidable team travels across the globe in their hunt for justice. In the adventure, the duo finds themselves in the midst of the 2000-year-old battle for the ‘cradle of civilization.’ There are many complications in the journey. On the onset, they need to recover the tomb of Cleopatra, which has been left unexplored for centuries.

The show has been best described as the raunchier version of ‘National Treasure’ and modern adaption of ‘Indiana Jones.’ In the moments of intense and action, the show does not forget to provide some jerks of comic relief, revealing the interesting chemistry between Lexi and Danny. However, the show is largely designed to provide the action-adventure heat to kick start our summer expeditions in the binge-universe.

In a nutshell, the series provides a fun and escapist adventure filmed in locations across the world, which does not forget to add comedic elements in key moments of the plot. The design of the series guarantees it to be a great performer and on the top of our must-watch list in our beloved summer schedules. The show has been successful in amusing travel lovers, action freaks, and romantic duets alike. We expect Season 2 to enhance the already engaging storyline.

What is Blood & Treasure Season 2 Plot?

The lead cast crew of the series provides the action and romantic interest to the series. We behold Sofia Pernas in the show, who is a Moroccan-Spanish actress. Her other notable works have featured in ‘The Young and the Restless,’ ‘Jane the Virgin,’ and ‘The Brave.’ She steps into the role of Lexi Vaziri in the present show.

Matt Barr plays the role of Danny McNamara in the series. He is an American actor and features in ‘Commander in Chief,’ ‘One Tree Hill,’ and ‘Hellents.’ Other members of the cast crew include Katia Winter as Gwen, Michael James Shaw as ‘Shaw,’ and Anna Silk as ‘Roanoke.’


Toward the finish of June 2019, another season was recharged by CBS before the main season could end. Blood and Treasure season 2 is good to go to show up in 2020. The past season had a late spring discharge, and the equivalent is required to occur with the subsequent season!! It is relied upon to be discharged in May 2020. Blood and Treasure are about the heroes Danny and Lexi, who join together and follow out the trespassers and lawbreakers with the assistance of taken antiques and fortune to look at their exercises.

They investigated the world to end the wrongdoings. As indicated by the most recent reports, season 2 will be recorded in Russia, Southeast Asia. It is additionally guaranteed that the fundamental cast of the arrangement will come back to season 2.