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Angular 8 Features, And Updates

Angular 8 update
Angular 8

We are en route to Angular v8. The beta tap is still open. Beta.11 brings four features out. The beta season for Angular v8 began in the middle of January. The final result of the Angular v8 would be worth seeing.

Here is what’s coming in Angular 8:

  • Differential Loading of Modern JavaScript
  • Opt-in Ivy Preview
  • Angular Router Backwards Compatibility
  • Improved Web Worker Bundling
  • Opt-In Usage Sharing
  • Dependency Updates

What to expect from IVY rollout opt-in preview?

According to Angular blog, You can expect the following: Generated code that is easier to read and debug at runtime, Faster re-build time, Improved payload size, Improved template type checking, and Great backward compatibility.

Angular v8 is reported to be released in Q2 this year. We are currently in April, and frankly I don’t we will have to wait for long for the release of Angular v8. So we should expect the v8 to be released in the upcoming weeks.

They also posted on their blog that they can’t commit to a fixed schedule, but they have a plan to enter RC in April 2019, and we are already in April, which is good news. They will be releasing the 8.0.0 with general availability, about a month later, so in May 2019.

This is all the information we have as of now; we will get back to you with more information as we have it.