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Persona 5: Switch Expectations, And Details

Persona Switch update

Persona 5 is a role-playing game which is developed by Atlus, currently being the sixth installment in the Persona series which is part of a more massive franchise called Megami Tensei. With Persona 5 taking everybody’s hearts at the world of PlayStation console gaming, the game becoming a hit and being named one of the greatest games of all time. With a perfect score in the Metacritic aggregator and near ideal review scores in more than ten review websites, Persona 5 is expected to do great things, such as a new game or expanding to other consoles, one of them being the Nintendo Switch.

There have been many rumors surrounding which provides a possibility of Persona being available for play on the Nintendo Switch. One of the rumors is that the Switch is getting an enhanced version of the original Persona 5 game, perhaps a new title that would be in similar timelines as to what Persona 4 Golden was to Persona 4.

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This would mean a game that has more content, more scenarios and just perhaps think of the chance of playing some other characters. Many seem to believe that the Persona 5 R title that Atlus revealed a while ago could be the enhanced version of Persona 5, something that took a little bit of decoding since this piece of information was embedded with the broadcast of the Persona 5 anime which featured a teaser trailer that revealed that more details would be available in March 2019.

In early April a Persona 5 S website went live, the character Joker was revealed as a playable character on Super Smash Bros, Persona 5 R teaser was shown. All this teasing for what? Well, teases are supposed to entice the spectator for better things to come, but they also come with clues. It is expected on April 25 th, according to the website that more information will be available.

We really hope that the “S” in Persona 5 S is set for Switch after all this connecting the dots exercise carried out while we did the writing of this piece. Keep checking back this website for more information regarding Persona 5 for the Switch and other videogame sources.