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Will There Be Breaking Bad Season 6? El Camino Aftermath

Breaking Bad Season AMC

After waiting for a pretty long time for the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, the interest of the fans in Breaking Bad has arisen. The movie is a direct follow up to the finale of the Breaking Bad series. The movie shows what happened to Jesse Pinkman after he escaped from the Nazis who held him captive. Breaking Bad has ended six years ago and after the movie, the fans have started to wonder whether the series could be started again.

Jesse Pinkman spoke up on the possibility of the show being revived again. He said, “I thought we finished that story six years ago. And now I zipped on the skin again.” He said that people were really passionate about the series and they wanted answers. “Asking when the next series of Breaking Bad was gonna be – you can put that dream away – wanting to know what happens to Jesse. And what happened to Jesse,” he added.

Breaking Bad Season 6?

So, El Camino really looks like the end of the Breaking Bad story. The movie is like an epilogue to tie up some of the loose ends in Jesse’s arc. Paul said that he was speechless when he went through the script. Vince Gilligan, El Camino director, and Breaking Bad creator has revealed that the movie will be confusing to people who haven’t watched the show.

Vince explained in an interview, “We don’t slow down to explain things to a non-Breaking Bad audience. I thought early on in the writing of the script, ‘Maybe there’s a way to have my cake and eat it too. Maybe there’s a way to explain things to the audience. If there was a way to do that, it eluded me.”

El Camino will stream on Netflix on October 11, 2019.

Breaking Bad Season 6 Renewal and update

Breaking Bad season 6 has not been confirmed, and there are no similar updates coming out. Even the movie had no big details on whether there will be another season or not. We do know that the main character is no more, so it would be hard to make another season, but if the writers decide, it would not be easy to come out with a new plan.


The film has been released and now we are in May 2020, and all the fans are still not sure whether the series has completed its ends or not. Well, we do know that Better Call Saul is still going on, so it is connected to the prequel story. However, there won’t be any subsequent events after El Camino as per the current details. However, El Camino was also unexpected, and if we are expecting the unexpected, then yes we can still expect another season. But surely it will not be coming anytime sooner! The movie made everyone wait for six years before coming out, so we will have to wait for another season too.