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Index Of Ultimate Tag – Episode Schedule & update

Ultimate Tag update
Ultimate Tag Still

Ultimate Tag is an upcoming American television competition. The game mainly focuses on the game of tag, where the players have to cross the obstacle and professional taggers to reach the final stage. The game is developed to bring back nostalgic memories of the 90’s kid. Rumors and speculations started revolving around the internet about the update of the upcoming game.

Ultimate Tag is produced by Znak & Co. Natalka Znak, Conrad Green. Gleen Coomber serves as an executive producer. The initial phase of the game has planned to be broadcasted in various states of different parts of America. It’s expected that Based on the response from the audience, production will be making it worldwide.

Ultimate Tag Season 1 Plot

The show follows with normal individuals as a competitor; they are somehow connected with any athletics events or sports. They must adapt to a high action gaming sequence putting themself under serious pressure. They must jump, dive, and roll over the various obstacle to reach the finishing line.

Every stage of the game gets a bit harder; each stage of the game is planned with a simple motive: don’t get caught. Players undergo challenging courses and earn reward points based on their performance in each part of the game. In each stage of the game, contests have to face professional Taggers. Only the contestants survive till the end will secure their position in the championship game and awarded a huge cash prize.

When Is Ultimate Tag update?

Ultimate Tag Season 1 will be released on May 20, 2020. This is if the production follows the previous release schedule. It’s said that the production has progressed as planned and completed the major portion of the show. It’s expected that the shown is undergoing its final editing work before being released. The production has planned to reach the audience premiering through the Fox network.

As many might already know about FOX, which is one of the popular television channels in America. Since the shooting progress of the game has completed before the panic situation, it’s expected that there won’t be any delay in the update. However, we’ll update this part if production makes any changes in update and streaming details.

Ultimate Tag Season 1 Episode: How many episodes will there be?

No, There’s no official announcement about the episode schedule of the television game competition. We strongly regret the inconvenience caused by the lack of episode details. There are many leaks and suggestions providing information about the episode schedule, Otakukart stands firm with a motive in providing accurate information from the reliable source.

This is an expected schedule for the episodes of Ultimate Tag, episode numbers are subject to change.

  • Ultimate Tag Episode 1 – May 20, 2020
  • Ultimate Tag Episode 2 – TBD
  • Ultimate Tag Episode 3 – TBD
  • Ultimate Tag Episode 4 – TBD
  • Ultimate Tag Episode 5 – TBD
  • Ultimate Tag Episode 6 – TBD
  • Ultimate Tag Episode 7 – TBD
  • Ultimate Tag Episode 8 – TBD

We’ll update this part once the official announcement about the episode schedule drops from the official sources. Check our website for regular updates.

Ultimate Tag Season 1 Trailer

The trailer for Ultimate Tag Season 1 was released much earlier than expected based on the fans’ request. The trailer gives the overall glimpses of information and theme of the tag game with the expensive Game Setup.

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