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Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 219 Spoilers, and Recap

Diamond no Ace Act II

In this post, we are going to talk about the Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 219 and a recap. After Seidou manages to beat Sousei high with a score of 7-1 that makes Seidou high to make it to the semifinals. They will be facing Ichidai Sankou at Junguu stadium on the 26TH. In the second final game, the efforts of Tsukugashima were praised worthy but it was not enough.

Now the match is over, we now know the names of all top 4 teams of West Tokyo. Kokukaidai Sugata manages to beat Ichidai Tsurugashima and gets a narrow victory that gave them an opportunity to play in the semifinals. Let’s get into more updates of Diamond no Ace Act II below.

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 219 update

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 219 will be released on Thursday, 16 July 2020. The new chapter of this manga is released every Thursday. Keep in mind that the sometimes the chapter get delay and move to Friday release. The spoilers of this chapter are not yet released.

Diamond no Ace Act II

Diamond no Ace Act II

Previously on Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 218

Koukaidai Sugata beats Ichidai Tsurugashima and moves on to the Semi-Finals they are going to challenge the King Inajitsu. This is happening for the third year in a row, Seidou returns to their school after the match. Asou wants to see someone and he went somewhere.

Nabe had meeting with others and told Miyuki that Sousei’s batter focus was only to aim at pitches that each of those batters was able to hit. Miyuki finally realized the pattern that Sousei was using. Okumura asks Sawamura if he wants to play catch and Sawamura replied that he will take the day off.

Furuya and Kawakami’s suggested that they must rest and not waste their effort.  Sawamura agrees with them but he whispers into Okumura’s ears that he will play catch with him the next day. Nori decides to rewatch the game recorded inside the video room, meanwhile, the delivery came to deliver a present from Azuma.

The present was a sports drink bottle while he tries to take the present it fell on the floor. Zono practices batting inside the cage using a machine. Asou came back and he is doing a fist pump but some people have seen him doing it. The girls from the tennis club admitted that they saw him and he is happy about it and  Nori is feeling pain in his right arm that he may have suffered when trying to take present.

Here Are Some Ways to Read Diamond no Ace Act II Chapters

As of now, there is no official website for you to read Diamond no Ace Act II online, it is available on the Manga One magazine and mobile app, so you can support the creator by buying the magazine. You can read the Kengan Omega latest chapters online on unofficial sites, but we highly advise you to support the official release as it supports the creators.