Kyoto Animation Tragedy, Multiple People Reported Dead: Here’s What Happened

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Kyoto Animation Tragedy
Kyoto Animation Studio

There has been a very saddening incident in Japan just some hours ago. The popular animation studio, Kyoto Animation, had its offices set on fire. The fire has caused a great deal of panic, and the police have reported that there have been multiple deaths, which is tragic. According to the reports by Anime News Network, the police have managed to get hold of the suspect who has been accused of setting fire to the building.

The suspect is said to have been caught shortly after the fire was started and it is being said that he/she used gasoline as a catalyst. The suspect’s name has not been revealed just yet, and his motives have also been hidden.

Kyoto Animation Tragedy
Kyoto Animation Tragedy

The building that has been attacked was the 1st Studio building for Kyoto Animation. The reports say that the eyewitnesses in the area at that time heard a loud bang coming from the studio’s first floor. According to the latest information so far, at least 30 people have been injured in the fire, and at least ten people are critically wounded. The authorities have not reported the exact number of deaths.

There are several different descriptions coming out of the scene in Japan. Mainichi reported that the suspect poured gasoline on both the people inside and the building before the fire started. Mainichi didn’t report on the deaths whatsoever. NHK reported that more than one person has died in the incident.

Naoko Yamada, who has worked on Liz and the Blue Bird did a post on Twitter that they were safe.

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