One Piece Reveals New Clip From Stampede Prior To The Film’s Imminent Premiere

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One Piece New Opening Stampede

One Piece Episode 895 aired earlier today and we got treated to a decent filler in my opinion. While the writing wasn’t the best, I think the episode was a decent setup for the movie. There’s still more to come because next week, we’re getting a continuation of this arc, which means more filler.

One Piece Stampede Trailer
Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece: Stampede (Toei Animation)

Hopefully, the next episode is going to be better than this one, but from the first episode, there was nothing particularly stand-out. It was an episode that you probably won’t watch twice. The most interesting part about the episode was that we got to see clips from Stampede in the opening of the anime.

One Piece New Opening Reveals Stampede Clip

A huge chunk of the movie got spoiled by it, but they made sure to not let the big reveals slip away. The likes of the Shichibukai and the Worst Generation were featured throughout the new opening and it made the fans even more excited about the upcoming movie. We also got to see a brief glimpse of Luffy fighting against Douglas Bullet which is likely going to be the very final fight of the movie.

Here’s our synopsis for One Piece: Stampede:
Stampede is based on a Pirate festival that is held by the Pirates, for the Pirates. A number of big and small name pirates are going to be present. This year, it is all about finding the treasure of Gol D Roger himself. The Strawhat Pirates will be participating in this festival as well.

Some other characters in the movie include Smoker, Tashigi, Trafalgar D Water Law and Buggy and his crew. The main villains in this movie are Buena Festa, who has organized the festival, and Douglas Bullet. The magnitude of the fight between Bullet and Luffy is going to be so big that the Revolutionary Army members, Marines and the Warlords will get involved as well.

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