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Will There Be A Time Skip In Boruto? Naruto and Sasuke’s Fate – Explained

Boruto manga timeskip

The Boruto series has been going on for over two years now, and the manga has gradually gotten better with time. There were quite a few chapters that you had to pull through, but for the past few months, the manga has been nothing short of fantastic. We’ve enjoyed reading it a lot, and the last chapter was especially enjoyable when an incredible fight came to an end. As some of you might know, Naruto and Sasuke fought Jigen in a different dimension but were bitterly defeated by him. Naruto Uzumaki was sealed, and Jigen’s body was done for.

Boruto Chapter 39 Read Online

Boruto – Will There Be a Timeskip?

Now, Isshiki needs to transfer himself to Kawaki, and it needs to happen now. Meanwhile, Naruto Uzumaki has now been sealed away, and that certainly means that we won’t be seeing more of him anytime soon. So, where does this all lead to? Will we get a timeskip?

The answer to that is, most probably. The Boruto manga is heavily implying that there will be a time skip in the upcoming chapters. This probably means that we’ll see an older Boruto very soon, and his fight against Kawaki is now edging closer. No doubt, it’ll be very interesting to watch, but we hope that it isn’t lackluster when compared to the Naruto anime timeskip.

We’re very excited about Boruto’s upcoming time skip, but at the same time, we’re worried because Naruto won’t be in the series for a long time now, and maybe even Sasuke will be incapacitated very soon.

Either way, we’ll find out what happens very shortly. Boruto Chapter 39 hits V-Jump on October 20, 2019.

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