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One Piece 993 Spoilers: Date

One Piece

One Piece manga is back on its track after a hiatus that had left most fans worried a few weeks ago. Now things are back on track and even the spoilers for One Piece chapter 993 have already been released. We have managed to get hold of the early scans for the upcoming chapter of the manga and we will be looking at them shortly.

The latest chapter of the manga was just released together with a new issue of WSJ magazine and with it came more updates to the ongoing war against Kaido and his alliance with Big Mom. Keep in mind that we will be updating this post in due time as more spoilers get to be released. For now, we only have partial spoilers with more updates to be expected later in the week.

One Piece chapter 993 will be released on 26 October 2020. This will be according to the VIZ Media official weekly schedule for the manga. Keep in mind that the date might be subjected to changes based on the official release status and updates that might be made later on.

One Piece

One Piece

One Piece chapter 993 spoilers have been partially released. We have managed to get hold of these latest news thanks to gyrozepp95 Reddit courtesy of Redon

The chapter title is “Wano Kuni’s dream”

Lola appears on the cover page and gets married to Gotti.

Something that happens towards the end of the chapter has made Izo shocked and is very angry.

The Yakuza forces are falling against Kaido’s men

Yamato currently purposed with protecting Momonosuke with no chance of survival.

Shinobu is fleeing with Momo and Yamato is pursuing them. Momo must be arrested from King’s order.

Tobi must Momosuke bring him dead or alive. Sasaki chases Momo and Shinobu while attacking.

Yamato blocks all Sasaki attacks. It is Yamato vs Sasaki

Kaido is willing to kill his own son with the cuffs.

Scabbards got injured! it seems as if Law would not heal him.3 Scabbards out of 9 are missing their limbs now.

Kaido’s elemental attack and Shanks might try to stop Kaido. Shanks gave his Road Poneglyph to Kaido to stop him.

Kaido attacks with Fire, Lightning, and Wind.

The manga will continue with its usual schedule and there is no impending break so things will be going smoothly for a while now.

You will be able to officially read the latest chapters of One Piece manga for free online on the VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus websites and smartphone apps. Free users are able to read up to three of the latest chapters so if you need much older chapters you will have to opt for a paid subscription. Always make sure to make use of these official platforms as this will highly support the manga creators.