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Borne – Post-Apocalyptic Novel To Be Turned Into Television Series by AMC

Author Jeff VanderMeer enlarged his reputation with Annihilation. In 2017, he published the novel, Borne. The novel is set in a post-apocalyptic world which been overrun by biotechnology. According to reports, AMC has obtained the right to turn Borne into a TV series. As the stories will be told in the form of a TV series, VanderMeer will act as its executive producer and creative consultant.

About the story

The story is about Rachel, who is barely surviving in the post-apocalyptic world as a scavenger. She is present in a ruined city of the future which has been destroyed by an evil company. She comes across a mysterious creature whom she wants to keep. In spite of her companion’s warnings, she decides to keep her. Ben Davis, executive vice president of programming for AMC Studios, has said that Borne is an extraordinary piece of work. The world in which the show has set in is enormous and is perfect for converting into a television show.

AMC is already well-known for its long-running series The Walking dead. The show has been able to prove to be an addicting one where survivors right for their lives in a world dominated by zombies. The show became so popular that they also started another series with the same theme, known as Fear the Walking Dead. Such kind of shows always keeps up the curiosity as to what will happen in the very next moment.

The shows continue to feature the hustle between humans beings to survive on the dead planet. It can be described as a world where the dead are after the living, and the living wants to kill each other. Borne, is set with a similar theme, is expected to get all the attention of the people who like post-apocalyptic shows. Stay tuned to know about the production and updates.