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PewDiePie Clarified He’s Only Taking A Break And Is Not Quitting YouTube


YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, most popularly known as PewDiePie, clarifies that he is not quitting the platform. The world’s biggest YouTuber is only taking a break after almost a decade of working non-stop to upload videos on the platform. He later went on to discuss and share his thoughts about the YouTube Streamy Awards.

In another episode of Pew News, Kjellberg clarifies that he will not be putting his channel down anytime soon. Kjellberg will stop uploading videos early next year in order to take a break from the platform. This clarification was done after several online media outlets have been reporting his YouTube “retirement”. “That’s it! That’s all I said. ‘Early next year, I’ll be away for a little while.’ I never said I’m quitting. I said I’m taking a break.” the YouTuber clarifies.

“Even though I really enjoy and love what I do, I don’t want to look back in my life 20 years later and I’m like, ‘Oh cool, so I just did YouTube videos.'” Kjellberg stated in his latest video. He then explained how being a YouTuber is not an easy task because of how policies, rules, and regulations can change at any minute.

Kjellberg also explained that no matter what kind of job someone has, taking a break is still important. It can be remembered he reached 100 million subscribers milestone earlier this year and finally married his long-time partner, Marzia Bisognin. In addition to this, Kjellberg released two new games titled Poopdie and PewDiePie Pixelings.

Later in the video. Kjellberg reacted to YouTube’s Streamy Awards and gave his support for fellow creator Mr. Beast, who campaigned to plant 20 million trees to help the environment. Kjellberg was vocal in expressing his disappointment when it was announced that YouTuber Tana Mongeau gas has gotten it instead of someone who has made a great impact this year.